SNAME Philadelphia Hears Paper On Hopper Dredge Design

The December '79 meeting of the Philadelphia Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was held at the Engineer's Club in Philadelphia, Pa., and was attended by 77 members and guests.

The Section's past chairmen were honored, with 16 in attendance for the presentation of a paper entitled "New Approaches to the Design of Hopper Dredges," authored by Ernest P. Fortino, retired Chief of the Marine Design Division, Philadelphia District of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Coordinator Kent C. Thornton introduced William R. Murden, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Washington, D.C., who presented the paper for the author, now recuperating from illness.

The paper concentrates on features considered to be new and different in the design of the three new hopper dredges. A principal objective was to reduce operating costs, and was attained by introducing extensive automation and adopting new operating philosophies, thereby r e q u i r i ng fewer operating personnel. This in turn permitted location of the entire superstructure aft in lieu of conventional practice of forward and aft. Operating techniques are also described, as well as the Corps pioneering history in the evolution of hopper dredge design.

The general interest in this subject was evident by the seven discussions presented, including M.E. Willis, Sun Ship; H.P. Mc- Manus, Tech. Amal. Dredge Design, Inc.; G.A. Johnson, consultant ; L. Marella, American Dredge; G.R. Knight, J.J. McMullen; W.A. Cleary, U.S. Coast Guard, and F.L. Pavlik, Keystone Shipbuilding.

Section chairman K. Gyswyt presented a pin to past chairman G.C. Swensson, and received a report on the activities of the National Steering Committee from Mr. Pavlik. Section representative, to round-out an interesting meeting.

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