A New 12-Inch Radar From Krupp Atlas Elektronik

A new 12-inch AC/TM rasterscan radar designed for either standalone or integrated installation aboard all types of small civil, naval and fishing vessels, the Atlas 5600, has been introduced by Krupp Atlas Elektronik.

Combining continuous radar presentation and dedicated data display functions on a single 44-cm high-resolution screen, the system offers one or more viewers uninterrupted true daylight viewing of a quality superior to a conventional TV picture. Data areas indicated include status of selected operational mode and adjustments, marker positions, own ship's data, target data, alarms and failure diagnosis together with other key functions selectable via an integral membrane keyboard and associated menu control; marker positioning is by roller ball.

The system also incorporates a new centered TM display mode that eliminates disadvantages of true motion presentation by maintaining own ship's position fixed on PPI while indicating moving targets with their true trails. Adjustable lengths of target trails may be additionally generated for rapid orientation to given traffic situations.

Other main functions include manual acquisition of up to 10 targets and semiautomatic plotting with target data readout, including CPA and TCPA. An EMB-positioned navigation line and a trail maneuver facility for rapid prediction and assessment of surrounding traffic conditions are among other features, which also include comprehensive self-check procedures in ad- dition to flexible interacing arrangements for other navigational sensors and processing systems.

Designed to comply with, or exceed IMO, USCG, DoT, DHI and other leading performance specifications, the 5600 operates over a series of nine ranges extending from 0.3 to 72 nm. Available with either X or S-band transceiver/slotted array antennae, units can be interswitched for cross-connection and master/slave operation.

The development of the 12-inch 5600 follows the recent introduction of the Atlas 7600-86—series of radars, which are said to be the first of their type to offer continuous true daylight viewing on a 16-inch screen. With FCC, DoT and DHI type-approval among others, nearly 200 of these systems have already been sold worldwide.

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