Congressional Maritime Caucus Establishes An Advisory Board

The Congressional Maritime Caucus has created an Advisory Board made up of industry and Executive Branch leaders to prepare an "action plan" aimed at stimulating legislative and regulatory initiatives to revitalize the American merchant marine.

The Caucus, consisting of 72 members of the House of Representatives, was formed earlier this year and is headed by Rep. Walter B.

Jones, chairman of the Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee.

Vice chairmen are Rep. Glenn M.

Anderson and Rep. William Carney. Influential members of the Caucus include House Speaker Thomas P. (Tip) O'Neill Jr.; M a j o r i t y Leader J a m e s C.

Wright; and Minority Whip Trent Lott.

The 15 industry officials invited to serve on the Advisory Board are: Joseph F. Abely Jr., chairman and CEO, Sea-Land Corporation; W. James Amoss Jr., president and CEO, Lykes Bros. Steamship Company; J. Ronald Brinson, president, American Association of Port Authorities; J e s s e M. Calhoon, president, National Marine Engineers Beneficial Association; John C. Couch, president, Matson Navigation Company; Thomas B.

Crowley, president, Crowley Maritime Corporation; Frank Drozak, president, Seafarers International Union; Conrad Everhard, chairman, Dart Orient Services; Robert J. Frulla, president, Freight Forwarders Institute; D. Ward Fuller, president and CEO, American Steamship Company; John T.

Gilbride, chairman, Todd Shipyards Corporation; Brian Harrison, president, Metropolitan Stevedore Company; Raymond M.

McKay, president, Marine Engineers Beneficial Association, District II: W. Bruce Seaton, president and CEO, American President Lines; and Martin Seham, Seham, Klein & Zelman.

Five other individuals have been invited to participate as observers, to "contribute a sense of purpose on behalf of the U.S. merchant marine." They are: H e r b e r t Brand, chairman, Board of Trustees, Transportation Institute; Elizabeth F. Jones, editor, News Briefs; Drew Lewis, chairman, Warner Amex and former S e c r e t a r y of T r a n s p o r t a t i o n; George H. Miller, USN (Ret.), T r a n s p o r t a t i o n Institute; and Emanuel Rouvelas, Preston, Thorgrimson, Ellis & Holman.

The leaders of the various industry segments are to draft a proposed national maritime policy "as it would apply to that segment" for presentation at a meeting of all Advisory Board members and observers on November 13, 1985. The proposals are to be reviewed so that by February 13, 1986 at a meeting of Administration officials, industry advisers and the observers, the proposals can be merged into a "working national maritime policy proposal" that can be presented to the Congressional Maritime Caucus. Finalized proposals are scheduled to be taken to the Caucus on March 4, 1986 for its consideration.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 15,  Sep 1985

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