The 93rd SNAME Annual Meeting— A Special Report

At the recent 93rd Annual Meeting of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, honors in the form of medals, prizes, and certificates were presented to a number of members and others during ceremonies at the New York Hilton Hotel. The four top awards, the Taylor, Land, and Blakely Medals and the Elmer A. Sperry Award were presented at the Annual Banquet, at which the principal speaker was Walter F. Williams, president and chief operating officer of Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

The Society's David W. Taylor Medal "for notable achievement in naval architecture and marine engineering" is given annually. The 1985 recipient, J. Randolph Paulling Jr., professor of naval architecture at the University of California, holds degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of California, and has been prominent on the faculty of the University of California, Berkeley, for 30 years. A Fellow of the Society, Dr. Paulling is a proficient researcher in marine structure analysis and a prolific author on that and related subjects.

Thomas B. Crowley, who received the annual Vice Adm. "Jerry" Land Medal "for outstanding accomplishment in the marine field," took the helm of Crowley Launch and Tugboat Company more than 35 years ago, and built the company from a local tug operation into the diverse and worldwide Crowley Maritime of today. He is an ardent supporter of the U.S. merchant marine, and has been active in a number of organizations in support of that goal.

The Blakely Smith Medal is awarded biennially "for outstanding accomplishment in ocean engineering." It was given to John A. Mercier, a key figure in the development and placement in the North Sea of Conoco's Tension Leg Platform (TLP), a gigantic engineering achievement that makes oil and gas production practical from waters deeper than ever before.

The Elmer A. Sperry Award for 1985 was given to George H.

Plude, Carleton E. Tripp, and Richard K. Quinn for design concepts and construction methods of the Stewart J. Cort, the first 1,000- foot, self-unloading Great Lakes bulk carrier.

At the President's Luncheon held the day before the Banquet, the following awards were presented: The Capt. Joseph H. Linnard Prize for 1985 was awarded to Robert X. Caldwell, Maurice Gordon, and Dwight K. Koops for their paper, "Two State-of-the-Art Specialty Products Ships: Design, Construction, and operation." This prize goes to the author or authors of the best paper contributed to the Transactions of the Society at its Annual Meeting of the preceding year.

The best paper delivered before one of the SNAME Sections gets the Vice Adm. E.L. Cochrane Award.

The 1985 prize went to Richard W.

Harkins and Michael G. Parsons for their paper, "Investigation of Fuel Injection System Cavitation Problems," delivered at the Great Lakes/Great Rivers Section in October 1984.

The Graduate Paper Honor Prize for 1985 was presented to Vassilios E. Theodoracatos for his paper, "An Experimental Study of Elastohydrodynamics of Towed Flexible Cylinders Aided by Video Image Processing." The Graduate Paper Award for 1985 was given to Charles H. Goddard and Udo H. Rowley for their paper, "Implementation of a Computer-Supported Naval Ship Design System at MIT," delivered at the New England Section in January 1985.

George A. Kriezis received the Undergraduate Paper Award for his 1985 paper, "A Computer Code for the Prediction of Response Characteristics of a Marine Riser at Right Angles to a Uniform Stream," delivered at the MIT Student Section in November 1984.

Certificates of Appreciation were awarded to Karl L. Kirkman, Richard C. McCurdy, Olin J.

Stephens II, and Daniel D.

Strohmeier "for their outstanding contribution to the profession and to yachting safety as directors of the project on Safety from Capsizing." At the same ceremony, the Society's immediate past president, C. Larry French, received a Presidential Certificate of Appreciation.

Finally, eight Golden Award 50- Year Membership Certificate recipients were named, and those present received their certificates in person.

The awardees, present and in absentia, were William J. Dorman, R.P. DuMont, Murdock M.

E a r l e , M a r v i n H. Gluntz, George H. Hodges, James W.

Kirkman, Peter J. Riley, and William H. Watkins.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 56,  Jan 1986

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