New Marine Overcoat Sea-Slide™ Increases Speed, Saves Fuel

—Literature Available Designed for the commercial market, Sea- Slide is a water-based urethane drag reducing overcoat. It is an easy-to-apply finish that reduces friction between the boat's hull and the surrounding water. It is based on the principle that a hydrophillic surface where water skins produces less drag than a surface that causes water to bead.

Sea-Slide actually absorbs some of the surrounding water in an ultra-thin coating that binds a layer of water around the hull. Because the contact angle between the coated hull and the surrounding water is close to 0 degrees, water turbulence and drag are greatly reduced.

Specific results will vary with speeds, vessel weight, and hull design. An independently run test with a fiberglass and an aluminum power boat operated at a constant 3,500 rpm over a 2,000-yard course showed speed gains of 12.4 percent and 5.6 percent, respectively.

This confirms controlled experiments in which a weighted boat was towed around a quiet lake. A force gauge in the tow line indicated the force required to pull the boat before and after the coating was applied. At 20 knots, the coating reduced the hydrodynamic drag by a substantial 17 percent while at 10 knots, where less drag exists, the Sea-Slide coating provided an 11 percent benefit.

Tests for durability conducted at an independent marine laboratory demonstrated that Sea- Slide will withstand the effect of 40,000 miles of ocean travel. This was done with coated panels attached to large drums rotating at a constant 15 knots surface speed. The antifoulants functioned equally well with and without Sea-Slide.

Adhesion and growth of algae and algae spores were somewhat reduced on the Sea-Slide coated panels.

Because Sea-Slide is a water based urethane coating, it's easy to use, and cleanup is easy with soap and water. There are no hazardous chemicals or complicated mixing requirements. It is applied directly from the can by brush, roller or spray. After curing (about 4 to 5 hours) the boat may be launched immediately or kept from the water indefinitely without losing its unique properties.

Sea-Slide may be applied over any hull, with or without an antifouling primary coat. Coverage is excellent. A quart can is sufficient for the average 25 ft. boat hull—750 sq. ft. per gallon.

Sea-Slide was developed by Hydromer, Inc. of Whitehouse, N.J., over a period of four years.

The company has also developed similar technology that is licensed by various medical device manufacturers to facilitate insertion and movement through blood vessels or other small body ducts.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 31,  Jan 1986

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