$7-Million Contract For Offshore Fire Pumps Awarded To Worthington

The Worthington Pump Division of McGraw-Edison Company, Mountainside, N.J., has announced receipt of a $7-million order for o f f s h o r e d r i l l i n g platform fire UNSURPASSED ACCURACY FROM NEW DECCA DESIGN T. D. (Time Difference) readouts are the bedrock foundation of the entire Loran C System. So for true accuracy, you must have a receiver which does one thing superbly — receives and displays the T.D.s accurately—despite distortion, interference and other problems which can cause errors up to several miles in an ordinary receiver.

If you don't get the T.Ds right, all the other data available as extra-cost options won't be right either, because they all start their calculations from the T.D.s. Therefore, Decca concentrated their design to perfect these key T.D. readouts, even in difficult reception areas.

Every possible error-producing influence was studied and neutralized with special circuitry. This accuracy overkill has made the Decca 1024 the most fool proof Loran in the world.

Ask your Decca dealer to demonstrate the 1024 in an area infamous for Loran problems and you'll see what we mean—even better if you can put it alongside of any Brand X (regardless of cost) and see which is accurate!

OTHER FEATURES THAT IMPROVE ACCURACY • Dead simple - prompts the operator.

• Self Test - (assures you it is fl-OK!).

• User-operated notch filters, (saves dealer visits); displays rejected frepumps by Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.

(Petrobras), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Petrobras has ordered nine diesel-driven, vertical turbine fire pumps of sophisticated metallurgy for installation on three new offshore production platforms to be located in the Atlantic Ocean off the southern coast of Brazil. The order awarded to Worthington quency! (No trial and error.) • Blocks out the infamous E.C.D. "10 microsecond error jump." • Filters out on-bc>ard interference.

• Ignores erroneous commands.

• Dual, simultaneous T.D. readouts.


• Easy to read—\e rge display with dimmable lighting.

• Adaptable —10-'t0V DC or 115V AC option . . . universal mounting (bulkheads, overhead console or shelf. . .

accepts a wide range of antennas).

• Low battery drain—15 watts, less than a running light.

• Reliable—ruggedly built; the waterproof, sealed front panel keeps out moisture and diit (frequent causes of breakdown).

• Worldwide Decca warranty—no dollar limit, as on so-called "lowest cost" units.

• Microprocessor and five station autotracking.

• Meets or exceeds all U.S.C.G. and international sp 3cs.

• Extendable—has serial output, readily interfaced with other equipment (coming trend); drives Decca's outstanding track plotter, type 10350.

• Built in the U.S.A. by Decca, with service worldwide.

• Total cost of ownership is unbeatable, including that of bargain basement, weaker warranty Lorans.

also includes column piping for each pump and ancillary equipment.

The pumps will be suspended f r om the newly erected platforms, and will operate in depths of over 60 feet. They are scheduled for delivery in late 1981.

The Worthington Pump Division is a leading manufacturer of pumps for the petroleum, chemical, petrochemical, marine, agricultural, electric utility, public works, pulp and paper, mining, pipeline, and general industries.

The company operates 24 facilities in 14 countries as well as a worldwide network of sales operations.

McGraw-Edison is a manufacturer and supplier of electrical and mechanical products and related services designed for a wide range of industrial, utility, commercial, and automotive applications throughout the world.

The company is headquartered in Rolling Meadows, 111.

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