ASEA Offering Systems For Conserving Fuel- Literature Available

In conjunction with Salen Technologies (SALTECH), ASEA, Swedish-based worldwide manufacturer of electrical equipment, has developed two new systems that are said to result in substantial shipboard fuel savings. Designated Economy Sailing and Opti-Trim, the new systems have been tested with excellent results on ships in regular service.

Economy Sailing has been developed primarily for fixed-route vessels whose profitable operation depends to a great extent on their arrival on time. During a voyage, a ship's progress is influenced by such external factors as wind, heavy seas, currents, and water depth. To ensure that they will not delay arrival time, ships often begin voyages at high speed and finish at lower speed. As a result, there will be unnecessarily high fuel consumption because fuel use increases progressively with higher speeds. Thus, arrival 30 minutes before scheduled time can result in extra fuel costs of tens of thousands of dollars throughout the year for certain passenger vessels.

To minimize fuel consumption, Economy Sailing has been structured for route planning, which is vital in determining time of arrival. Because of expected variations in winds and other external factors, correct route choice will result in considerable fuel savings. But, without use of technical aids, it would be impossible to achieve. Therefore, all values of the factors that can influence ship power requirements are fed into the ASEA system, which is based on microprocessor technology. During each voyage, the program is continuously updated as new values and the ship's position are supplied to the computer.

Trials performed with the new Economy Sailing system indicate that it is suitable for use on all vessels having fixed times of arrival. Significantly, the investment to install the system will be paid back in less than a year after it is operational.

The other new ASEA shipboard fuel conservation system, Opti-Trim, calculates the trim position of a ship, thus assuring the lowest fuel consumption for any given speed and displacement. Using the system, it is possible to achieve optimum distribution of cargo, ballast and fuel oil. This will result in substantial savings and, as with the Economy Sailing system, payback time of the investment will be less than one year.

Economy Sailing and Opti-Trim are the latest additions to ASEA's energy-saving program for ships developed under the name "Economy at Sea." They are being marketed in the U.S. by ASEA Inc., whollyowned subsidiary of the ASEA Group.

For additional information and free literature, write to R.N. Houston, Industrial Department MR, ASEA Inc., 4 New King Street, White Plains, N.Y. 10604.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 13,  Nov 1980

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