Morrow Adds Two New Chart Depth Recorders- Literature Available

Two models of a new, four-inch chart recorder have been added to Morrow Electronics' Sea Viper line. The instruments are equipped with such sophisticated features as thermal printing head, noise suppression circuitry, and adjustable white line. The SV-101 shallow-water model has six depth ranges to a maximum of 512 feet. Its deepwater model, the SV-201A, also has six depth ranges, and can record features as deep as 128 fathoms (768 feet).

The SV-201A model additionally features bottom lock; depth readings in feet, meters, and fathoms; and a fish/bottom/drift alarm system. Both models incorporate variable chart speed controls for economy of operation.

Large, easy-to-read LED digitals give accurate depth readings, even when the chart control is off.

Instead of producing charts by the conventional method of stylus burning, the new Sea Vipers use a thermal print head and heat-sensitive paper. The result is said to be a chart with superior clarity, and the elimination of mechanism-fouling carbon dust and the pungent, burnt odor associated with the older method.

For additional information and free literature on the Sea Viper and a full line of other Morrow products, write to Michael G. Duff, Dept. MR, Morrow Electronics, P.O. Box 7078, Salem, Ore. 97303.

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