Economic Benefit Of FY 84 Navy Construction Program Outlined By Shipbuilders Council

In a recent edition of its Shipyard Weekly publication, the Shipbuilders Council of America underscored the far-reaching benefits for the entire nation which will result from FY 84 Navy shipbuilding and conversion projects.

"As U.S. economy moves toward recovery, contributory effect of FY '84 Navy shipbuilding and conversion (SCN) projects, valued in excess of $12 billion is not insignificant.

Jobs will be generated not only at shipyards but at thousands of subcontractor plants scattered nationwide.

"Analysis of potential prime shipyard contract awards and potential prime subcontractor awards for contractor-furnished equipment (CFE) as well as government- furnished equipment (GFE) leads to evidence that FY 84 SCN program requested by the Reagan Administration would stimulate: • support for about 54,000 shipyard jobs plus another 177,000 jobs in prime supporting industries; • purchase of more than 152,000 tons of steel; • prime subcontracts totaling nearly $4 billion in 36 States and District of Columbia; • employment for disadvantaged workers: of 54,000 shipyard jobs, 18% would be filled by ethnic and racial minorities and 9% by women.

"Conclusions are based on data covering 80% of FY 84 budget request: Trident Submarine (SSBN), Attack Submarines (SSN-688), Aegis Cruisers (CG-47), Fleet Oilers (T-AO), Fast Logistics Ships (T-AKR), Amphibious Assault Ship (LHD), Mine Countermeasures Ships (MCM) and Hospital Ship (T-AH).

"Spread of subcontracts by States would be as follows:

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