Alden Introduces New Facsimile Transceiver

—Literature Available Alden Electronics, Inc. of Westboro, Mass., announces the introduction of a new facsimile transceiver for shipboard installations. The Alden FAX 340 III is compatible with all Group 3 systems, and operates over a variety of communications links including phone line, microwave, and satellite communications systems. This feature makes the small desktop transceiver ideal for shipboard as well as land-based facsimile communications applications.

The FAX 340 III interface to shipboard satcom systems is simple and straightforward.

The new unit will transmit a page-sized document in less than 30 seconds. A line skip transmission mode skips over blank sections, greatly reducing transmission time.

An automatic backgound control automatically discriminates between color and background and copy, and "whites out" the background so every image is a black image on a white background.

A fine mode feature allows the transmission of finely detailed diagrams, maps, etc. A liquid crystal display panel serves as a clock and provides complete verification of each transmission or reception made. Finally, the FAX 340 III will store and print out, on command, a complete activity report that identifies each exchange as a transmission or reception, phone number and/or code for the receiving or transmitting station, and time/date information.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 20,  Nov 1984

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