Report O n The N e w M a g n a v ox GPS Positioning & N a v i g a t i o n System

The new MX 4400 GPS Positioning and Navigation System from Magnavox is accurate, compact and housed in a sealed enclosure. The MX 4400 is designed to a wide variety of today's commercial GPS positioning and navigation requirements.

Magnavox reports the MX 4400 is a full-featured two-channel C/A code receiver.

Magnavox has designed the portable MX 4400 system both for use with the current interim GPS constellation and with increasing utility as more satellites are deployed. GPS is the extremely accurate satellite navigation system being developed by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Once in full service, GPS will provide continuous position fixes anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

Seven GPS satellites are currently in operation. There will be 18 active satellites once the system is fully operational.

The two-channel receiver provides continuous GPS navigation, without interruption, whenever sufficient satellites are available. The MX 4400 can navigate with as few as two visible satellites when an external atomic frequency standard is interfaced and altitude is known (sea level) or determined from the receiver's altimeter. This capability extends the number of hours per day that the MX 4400 receiver can be used. To provide navigation during GPS coverage gaps, the MX 4400 will automatically dead reckon using inputs from external speed and heading sensors.

Magnavox plans to introduce software in 1987 to permit the MX 4400 to accept GPS differential corrections in the standard RTCM SC- 104 format. The differential inputs will result in enhanced dynamic accuracy in real time.

The MX 4400 is housed in a sealed, waterproof case assuring dependable operation, even in harsh environments. In order to provide continuous, optimum navigation and positioning information, the system employs an 8-state Kalman filter which evaluates and weighs satellite data. A 16-bit numerical coprocessor provides position, speed and heading updates every 1.2 seconds.

The system has the capability of providing GPS data to integrated survey systems such as the Magnavox Series 5000 Geophysical Survey System.

Applications for this easy-to-use system include marine survey and navigation, rig positioning, land navigation and positioning, search and rescue operation, and GPS test and evaluation. The MX 4400 will be available for delivery in October of 1986.

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