Drew Ameroid Helps Shipowners Control High Costs Of Low-Cost Fuels

Drew Ameroid® recently introduced another "Added Value" solution to marine fuel problems— Amergy® 222 fuel oil conditioner, a premium blend of solvents, dispersants, surfactants, and detergents which minimizes the effect of fuel instability and incompatibility.

This technologically advanced conditioner dissolves sludge and then stabilizes the fuel components, reducing their tendency to form sludge. Equally effective for diesel engines and steam boiler systems, and with all grades of blended and residual fuels, Drew Ameroid Marine claims the use of Amergy 222 oil conditioner can result in significant savings in fuel, cleanings, sludge disposal, labor and maintenance costs.

Amergy 222 conditioner is the latest addition to Drew's internationally available line of products for treating fuel. The company backs its fuel treatment chemicals with programs that maximize the product's potential, the efficiency of the ship, and the reduction of operating costs.

To minimize expenses, many operators are using the lowest quality fuel recommended by engine manufacturers. However, this potential for savings can be negated by fuel instability. This condition can be worsened when fuels from different bunkerings, which may be incompatible, are mixed. Unfortunately, there often isn't sufficient available shipboard bunker tank capacity to avoid mixing fuels. By adding Amergy 222 conditioner to the tanks before bunkering, problems resulting from instability and incompatibility of fuel oils are reduced.

Results can be attained at a low cost-per-treatment, over a wide dosage range.

Treatment is easy with Amergy 222 conditioner because it does not require special dosing equipment.

The product is slug-dosed before bunkering and is completely soluble in the fuel. Because it is both a dispersant and a solvent, the use of Amergy 222 conditioner results in improved fuel combustion, reduced sludge disposal problems, and fewer cleanings of tanks, heaters, strainers and lines.

Drew's international network of service technicians provides added value to each chemical purchase through support programs designed to promote and monitor the product's complete benefits. Drew's Pace® fuel evaluation program provides comprehensive analysis and evaluation of the chemical and physical properties of a ship's fuels, with follow-up recommendations to the ship operator. The "Red Carpet Program" provides onboard visits to assist with dosing and crew instruction, fuel analysis to ensure the most effective dosing rates, and a six-month follow-up visit to make sure that optimum results are being obtained.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 93,  Jun 1989

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