NMHS Offers Literature On Emergency Medical/ Trauma Consultation

National Marine Health Systems (NMHS) of Baltimore, Md., provides emergency medical/advanced life support consultation to individuals on land, sea or air through a network of leading university trauma centers.

When you are hundreds of miles out at sea and a passenger or crewman becomes injured or ill, there are not too many alternatives. The ship can return to port, call the Coast Guard for assistance or, should it be a cruise ship, hope the ship's doctor can treat the patient.

National Marine Health Systems is a nationwide network of some of the best university level one and level two trauma centers and other specialty care facilities. It provides comprehensive consultation in less than two minutes from initial contact anywhere in the world. NMHS is complemented by a global system of select hospitals, designated to receive ill and injured patients.

Transport of the patient is accomplished through an international medical transportation network (government, public and private sectors), coordinated through National Marine Health Systems.

NMHS is reportedly the largest emergency medical/trauma consultation system in the world.

Through its central communications and switching center in Baltimore, National Marine places the caller directly online with the physician in less than two minutes of contact.

Consultation is done in almost any spoken language (interpreters are also available to participate in the incident in less than two minutes).

There are a multitude of ways to communicate whether you are at sea, on land or in the air, from anywhere in the world.

NMHS has lent assistance to seamen of Yugoslavia, Ecuador and other countries. It served as a resource for those in the wake of Hurricane Gilbert; was placed on alert for the crews it the Yellowstone fire, and for other recent maritime tragedies.

In the near future, travelers from the U.S. will be able to access NMHS from their cruise ship or their foreign hotel room. National Marine will provide immediate consultation that will address the needs of those suffering minor injuries and illnesses, as well as the most serious multi-system trauma.

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