Campbell Launches Super Pacific Class Tuna Purse Seiner

Campbell Shipyard recently launched its first Super Pacific Class tuna purse seiner, the Margaret Z, being built for the Margaret Z Fishing Company. The vessel is 257 feet long and has a 1,500-ton fishcarrying capacity.

According to Campbell, the new purse seiner design will achieve up to 30 percent savings in annual fuel costs when operated at traditional speeds, and yet will provide a higher speed when the "race to the fish" is on.

Campbell's Super Pacific Class seiners incorporate many other new features suggested by industry veterans, which combine to make these vessels a major advancement for the tuna fishermen of the next decade. In addition to more speed, they feature faster fish loading/ unloading; a more rapid freezing system with brine chillers and titanium condensers; a new, fast, 1,000- hp Marco WS550 purse seine winch system; and much more deck space to handle the largest tuna nets.

The Margaret Z is a twin-engine version with one controllable-pitch propeller, which allows the vessel to operate at normal cruising speed on one engine, and to develop top speed with both engines in the highly competitive situations when several vessels are racing for the same school of fish. Having two engines also lengthens the time between overhauls and provides a degree of redundancy.

Campbell has built more than 70 tuna purse seiners in past years and has the capacity to build vessels at a rate of five per year. Six additional superseiners are now under construction for customers in Europe and the Orient, bringing Campbell's current employment to 700.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 5,  Jun 1989

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