Speakers Named For Weather Conference September 14-15-16

Congressman John M. Murphy, Chairman of the House Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee, and Zenon N. Sdougos, Director, Marine Safety Division, Inter- Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization (IMCO), London, England, will be the principal speakers and honored guests at the three-day conference and exhibit, "Marine Weather and Ocean Systems—Today and Tomorrow," to be held at the Downtown Athletic Club, New York City, September 14, 15 and 16.

Mr. Murphy, who also is a member of the House Ad Hoc Committee on the Outer Continental Shelf and the Subcommittee on Oceanography, will speak on Wednesday, September 14. He will address remarks to the critical issues dealing with development of the Outer Continental Shelf and National Weather Service observation and communications services.

Mr. Sdougos is in charge of the IMCO division responsible for coordinating intergovernmental agreements governing standards for maritime navigational safety at sea. He will speak on that subject.

Sponsored by the Maritime Association of the Port of New York, the first comprehensive three-day conference and exhibit to be held in downtown Manhattan will feature panels of individuals from industry and government a g e n c i e s e x p e r t on weather systems and equipment.

Lawrence Moore, Sea-Land Service, Inc., will be the conference chairman, and Raymond D.

Yturraspe, Griffith Marine Navigation, Inc., will be the exhibit chairman.

The panels will conduct seminars on such subjects as Ship Routing, C u r r e n t s , W e a t h e r Equipment, Harbor and Coastal Weather, Ice, Facsimile, Heavy Weather, and Future Plans.

Exhibits will be on display by internationally renown manufacturers of weather equipment and systems utilized by shipping companies for efficiency of vessel operations and safety of lives and cargo at sea.

The cost of a reservation and ticket for the three-day event is $100 a person. The price includes morning and afternoon conference sessions, hosted cocktail receptions, coffee and danish breaks, two luncheons, and a printed copy of all speeches and panel discussions, which will be recorded live and transcribed.

A ticket is interchangeable among members of a company's staff, so that an individual can attend only those panels and principal addresses in which his professional interest lies.

For reservations and tickets, write to the Maritime Association of the Port of New York, 80 Broad Street, New York, N.Y.


PANEL PROGRAM Wednesday, September 14,1977 Ship Routing and Ocean Forecasts— Moderator, Capt. P. Kurkimilis, S.S., Sea Land Market.

"History of Ship Routing," W.

Kasiak, Weather Routing Inc., Larchmont, N.Y.; "Ship Routing— A Specialized Service," N. Cima, Oceanroutes Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.; "Data Needs for Improved Services," R.A. Raguso, Bendix Marine Science Services, South Hackensack, N.J.; "Automated Ship Routing," Anthony Klapt, U.S.

Navy, Fleet Numerical Weather Central, Optimum Ship Track Routing, Monterey, Calif.

Weather Equipment — Moderator, W. Stoddard, Port Meteorological Officer, National Weather Service, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (N.O.A.A.), New York.

"History of Weather Equipment," Beryl Lanterman, Bendix Environmental Science Service, Baltimore, Md.; "Today's Weather Equipment," J.B. Reilly, Belfort Instrument Company, Baltimore, Md.; "Future Weather Equipment," Richard Reynolds, N.O.A.A., N.W.S., Equipment Development Laboratories, Washington, D.C.

Facsimile — Moderator, L.W.

Moore, Sea-Land Service, Inc., Elizabeth, N.J.

"Development of Facsimile," Armand Bouchard, Alden Electronic & Impulse Recording Co., Inc., Westboro, Mass.; "Present Facsimile Services," U.S. Naval Officer (to be selected), U.S. Fleet Weather, Norfolk, Ya.; "Future Facsimile Services," James Travers, Regional Maritime Special Service Meteorologist, W.S.A., New York; Hosted Cocktails and Exhibit Viewing.

Thursday, September 15, 1977 Harbor and Coastal Weather— Moderator, Capt. K.C. Torrens, Farrell Lines Incorporated, New York.

"Economic Effects of Weather," Capt. Martyn Reynolds, Operations Manager, Barber Steamship Lines, Inc., New York; "Weather and Its Effects on Terminal Operators and the Shipping Operator," Tore H. Jakobsen, p r e s i d e n t , Fleetweather, Inc., Hopewell Junction, N.Y.; "Weather Information for the Mariner," H. Gibson, M e t e o r o l o g i s t in Charge, N.O.A.A., N.W.S., Weather Service Forecast Office, New York; "Coastal Weather," R.A.

Raguso, Bendix Marine Science Services, South Hackensack, N.J.; "Weather and the Vessel Traffic System," Lt. Comdr. Stewart C.

Sutherland, Acting Project Officer, Vessel Traffic Service, New York; "New Concepts in Regional Marine Weather Services," Rear Adm. E.D. Stanley Jr., (ret.), Secretary, The Sea Use Council, Seattle, Wash.

Heavy Weather — Moderator, Rear Adm. W.J. Kotsch, USN (ret.), Management and Technical Service Company, Beltsville, Md.

"Heavy Weather Damage," N.

Cima, Oceanroutes, Inc., Palo Alto, Calif.; "Hull I n s u r a n c e Claims," Raymond M. Hicks Jr., claims manager, Claims Department, American Hull Insurance Syndicate; " C a r g o I n s u r a n ce Claims," William E. Hooley, assistant secretary, Marine & Aviation Services, World Headquarters, Insurance Co. of North America, Philadelphia, Pa.

Future Weather and Ocean Systems—Moderator, C.C. Bates, Science Advisor to the Commandant, Office of Research & Development, USCG Headquarters, New York.

"MarAd," Carl S. Mathews, Program Manager, Office of Advanced Ship Operations, U.S. Department of Commerce, MarAd, Washington, D.C.; "N.O.A.A.," G.A. Flittner, Chief, Ocean Services Division, Washington, D.C.; "United States Navy," Capt. C.R.

Ward, Director, Naval Oceanography & Meteorology, Bay St.

Louis, Miss.; " U n i t e d S t a t e s Coast Guard," Capt. B.F. Hollingsworth, Chief, Telecommunications Management Division for Atlantic Area, U.S. Coast Guard; Hosted Cocktails—Exhibit Viewing.

Friday, September 16, 1977 Ice — Moderator, Ben Strickland, vice president and general manager, Crowley Maritime Corp., San Francisco, Calif.

"Iceberg Threat in the Vicinity of Grand Banks," Lt. H.G.

Ketchen, U.S. Coast Guard, Staff Oceanographer, International Ice Patrol, New York; "Harbor & Canal Ice," W. Markham, Director, Ice Forecast Central Environment Canada, Ottawa.

Currents—Moderator, Capt. T.

Inman, Port Captain, Exxon Company, U.S.A., Houston, Texas.

"Gulf Stream," Lt. H.G. Ketchen, U.S. Coast Guard, Staff Oceanographer, International Ice Patrol, New York; "Expendable B a t h y T h e r m o g r a p h s , " Burt Thompson, Chief, Ocean Services Branch, National Weather Service Headquarters, Washington, D.C.; "Utilization of Offshore Currents for Improved Efficiency," Dr. J. Bishop, Marine Assessment, N.O.A.A./EDS, Washington, D.C.; Buffet and Open Bar— Time Period for Viewing Exhibits.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 22,  Sep 1977

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