Garlock Introduces Expandable Packing- Literature Available

A four-page, illustrated Bulletin 135, just issued by Garlock Inc., presents a new style 9000 expandable valve stem packing (EVSP) set designed to prevent the escape of gases or liquids f r om within the system, and to reduce packing inventory requirements.

Expanded views of standard and miniature designs show that the EVSP set construction incorporates three major chemically i n e r t components—-aluminum spacer rings, carbon fiber wiper ' sealing rings, and pure graphite sealing rings having a unique selective compressibility.

A detailed drawing shows how EVSP elements expand radially on gland tightening to make a tight seal against both stuffing box I.D. and valve stem O.D. This characteristic is said to compensate for dimensional variations caused by valve wear or maintenance machining. It also permits use of one set to cover a multitude of valve sizes. The 48 nominal set sizes listed in the bulletin are claimed to work in virtually h u n d r e d s of different valves.

A free copy of Bulletin 135-MR may be obtained by writing to James E. Heffron, manager-sales and marketing, Garlock Inc., 1666 Division Street, Palmyra, N.Y.


Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 17,  May 1980

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