Literature Available On Tracor Automatic Omega

A new brochure on its automatic Omega navigation system is available from Tracor, Inc., Austin, Texas.

The Tracor Automatic Omega is said to provide the capability to reestablish a position fix even if "lost" by as much as 100 miles.

This is possible by judicious use of a fourth transmitter combined with the three-frequency reception of the Omega receiver.

Complete navigation information supplied by the Tracor system includes latitude and longitude ; GMT and date; input speed —manual or automatic; input heading — manual or automatic; great circle course and distance; and dead-reckoning status.

The receiver automatically performs synchronization, transmitter selection, propagation corrections, three-frequency lane checks, diagnostic routines, and switchover to standby battery. The operator is required only to turn on the receiver and enter initial latitude, longitude, GMT, and day.

For additional information and a free copy of the brochure, write to John L. Hoerber, sales manager, navigation systems, Tracor, Inc., 6500 Tracor Lane, Austin, Texas 78721.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 43,  May 1980

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