L i t e r a t u r e A v a i l a b le On ITT Decca M a r i n e 's N e w A u t o p i l o t System

ITT Decca Marine in the past has been the source of only sophisticated a u t o p i l o t s f o r big ships, fishboats, and navies. Over 13,000 Decca autopilots have been sold to date. The all-new DP150 autopilot is the first small-boat pilot of its caliber to be marketed by ITT Decca.

The DP150 is a compact unit, ruggedly c o n s t r u c t e d with all solid-state components. Interfacing with existing mechanical or hydraulic steering systems is possible, and complete steering packages can be ordered to suit the requirements of any vessel's steering needs.

The heading reference for the DP150 may be a choice of the small sensing device (sensor) or the remarkably stable Decca MK III transmitting magnetic compass.

The MK III compass can be used as a steering or standalone compass. An analog repeater is available for use with both compasses, and up to five repeaters may be installed at one time.

A complete selection of tillers, rudder indicators, switches, rudder translators, junction boxes, hydraulic pumps, and mechanical drive units are also available.

For free literature containing more information, write to John X. Smith, ITT Decca Marine, Inc., US. Route 1 & St. Joe Road, P.O.

Box G, Palm Coast, Fla. 32037.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 42,  May 1980

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