93rd S N A M E Annual Meeting Fourth International Maritime Exposition

The 93rd Annual Meeting and Fourth International Maritime Exposition of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers will be held November 13-16 at the New York Hilton. The Exposition will again occupy the entire 25,000 square feet of exhibit space on the second floor of the Hilton. Some 150 companies will display their products and services to a large cross section of maritime industry leaders from around the world. Exposition hours are from 2 to 6 pm on Wednesday, November 13; 10 am to 6 pm on Thursday; and 10 am to 4 pm on Friday. Registration for the Annual Meeting includes admission to the Exposition; tickets for daily admission will be available at the registration desk at $7 each.

SNAME's Papers Committee, chaired by Capt. Jack A. Obermeyer, USN (Ret.), has selected 13 papers to be presented in the third floor Trianon and Mercury Ballrooms on November 14 and 15.

Among the topics are: semisubmersible stability, diesel engine propulsion shafting systems, rough propeller penalties, icebreaker structure under extreme loads, new warship design strategy, and evaluating strength of ship hull configurations.

The President's Luncheon will be held in the Grand Ballroom on Thursday, November 14, preceded by a general reception in the East Ballroom Foyer at noon. Featured on the program will be the presentation of several important awards and an address by Perry Nelson, president of the Society.

This year's Annual Business Session will immediately follow the President's Luncheon in the Grand Ballroom at 2 pm. The agenda for this meeting will include a report on the elections that will be held at the council meeting on Wednesday, November 13; consideration of proposed amendments to the bylaws; and such other business as may be introduced by the chair. All SNAME members are encouraged to attend the Business Session.

The 93rd Annual Banquet, open to members and guests, will take place on Friday, November 15, in the Grand Ballroom at 7:30 pm.

Featured on the banquet program will be the presentation of the Sperry, Smith, Land, and Taylor Medals, and a significant address by Walter F. Williams, president and chief operating officer of Bethlehem Steel Corporation.

The David W. Taylor Medal "for notable achievement in naval architecture" will be presented to J.

Randolph Paulling Jr., professor of naval architecture at the University of California in Berkeley.

Thomas B. Crowley, president of Crowley Maritime Corporation of San Francisco, will receive the Vice Admiral "Jerry" Land Medal "for outstanding accomplishment in the marine field." The Blakely Smith Medal "for outstanding accomplishment in ocean engineering" will go to John A. Mercier, senior staff naval architect, Continental Oil Company, Houston. The Elmer A. Sperry Award for 1985 will be given to Richard K. Quinn, Carleton E.

Tripp, and George H. Plude for design concepts and construction methods of the Stewart J. Cort, the first 1,000-foot self-unloading Great Lakes bulk carrier.

The 93rd Annual Meeting will come to a gala conclusion on Saturday evening with the dinner-dance and entertainment in the Grand Ballroom, with more than 500 couples expected to attend.

Technical Papers (See table for time and location.) Paper No. 1—"Evaluation of the Longitudinal Ultimate Strength of Various Ship Hull Configurat i o n s , " by Lembit M. Kutt, C h r i s t o p h e r M. P i a s z c z y k, Yun-Kuand Chen, and Donald Liu.

SYNOPSIS—The longitudinal ultimate strength of several ship hull configurations is analyzed with the nonlinear finite element method.

Included in each analysis are the effects of buckling, post-buckling, and plasticity, and their proper interaction.

In addition, an extensive treatment of the modeling procedures for nonlinear finite element analysis and a study on the sensitivity of the ultimate strength to variations in several parameters are included.

Paper No. 2—"Strength Evaluation of a Novel Unidirectional Girder System Product Oil Carrier by Reliability Analysis," by Tomi y a s u Okamoto, Tohru Hori, Masuru Tateishi, Sherif M.H.

Rashed, and Shigeru Miwa.

SYNOPSIS—This paper describes the design concept of a newly developed product oil carrier, of which double hulls are stiffened only by longitudinally arranged girders. The structural safety in extreme loads and the redundant strength in damaged conditions are discussed, applying reliability analyses.

Based on these results, the structural system is found to offer more safety than conventional design.

Paper No. 3—"Prediction of the Behavior and Propulsive Performance of Ships with Bulbous Bows in Waves," by Peter Blume and Alfred M. Kracht.

SYNOPSIS—As a result of research programs performed by the Hamburg and Berlin, West Germany, Model Basins, design data are now available for the estimation of the seakeeping qualities of bulbous bow ships. Studies on speed loss under service conditions yielded that bulbous bow ships have almost the same seakeeping qualities as comparable ships without bulbous bows in sea states up to Beaufort 6.

Thus the bulbous bow may be designed with regard to its smoothwater performance only. It is prudent, however, to avoid extremely large bulb bodies.

Paper No. 4—"A Realistic Approach to Semisubmersible Stabilit y , " by D r a c o s V a s s a l o s, G e o r g e Konst a n t o p o u l o s , Chengi Kuo, and Yousri Welaya.

SYNOPSIS—This paper de- scribes the rationale behind the development of practical semisubmersible stability criteria that reflect the current state of the art while maintaining the simplicity of existing regulations. The proposed criteria are based on an energy balance approach and incorporate the effects of wind, waves, and vessel motions.

Practical applications are considered and discussed.

Paper No. 5—"A New Warship Design Strategy—A Perspective," by William H. Garzke Jr. and George Kerr.

SYNOPSIS—This new warship design approach to naval ship design is intended to provide the ability to relate a warship's physical attributes (which will define its cost) to the mission requirements they serve, and to use these relationships in the design, development, and construction of more cost- and combat-effective warships.

Paper No. 6—"Vibration Response on Propulsion-Efficient Container Vessels," by Hans G.

Payer and Iwer Asmussen.

SYNOPSIS—Fairly detailed vibration calculations are required during the design phase in order to effectively avoid vibration problems in propulsion-efficient vessels. Typical calculation results including the forced vibration response are presented in this paper and compared with results from measurements for a 2,000-TEU containership. It is shown that the vibration behavior can be predicted with sufficient accuracy to base design decisions on the results.

Paper No. 7—"Rough Propeller Penalties," by R.L. Townsin, D.S.

Spencer, M. Mosaad, and G. Patience.

SYNOPSIS—The ship operator is offered a standard procedure for measuring blade surface roughness using a stylus instrument of comparator gauges. From the resulting single number Average Propeller Roughness, the power penalty may be calculated simply from a nomograph.

The theoretical basis for the genernomograph is described, including the correlation of the roughness measurements with increments in blade section drag and propeller performance.

Paper No. 8—"Structural Reliability of Marine Diesel Engine Propulsion Shafting Systems," by Efstratios Nikolaidis, Anastassios N. Perakis, and Michael G.


SYNOPSIS—A method for estimating the reliability of diesel propulsion shafting systems is presented, involving probabilistic excitation modeling, first excursion and fatigue failure mode analyses, and estimation of failure probabilities.

In the examples presented, significant criticals that cannot be identified by the traditional deterministic analysis are revealed. High values of the traditional safety factor may not always insure system reliability and safety.

Paper No. 9—"Finite-Element Analysis of Elastohydrodynamic Stern Bearings," by Zissimos P.

Mourelatos and Michael G.


SYNOPSIS—A finite element analysis is performed for a marine shafting system using a hydrodynamic, plastic stern bearing. The analysis consists of three-dimensional analyses of the shafting and the bearing liner, a two-dimensional analysis of the oil film hydrodynamics, and iterative techniques to establish the equilibrium position among the shaft, the oil film, and the anisotropic bearing. Results are in good agreement with available laboratory experiments.

Paper No. 10—"Innovative Naval Designs for North Atlantic Operations," by Colen Kennell, Brian White, and Edward N.


SYNOPSIS—A SWATH ship design and two monohulls designed to carry the same payload are summarized.

The two monohull designs used state-of-the-art, hull-form technology. One monohull included excess volume to achieve seakeeping performance comparable with the SWATH. Seakeeping performance assessments were made for mobility and anti-submarine warfare operations in the upper North Atlantic region.

Paper No. 11—"Analysis of the Structure of the Proposed CCG Polar Class 8 Icebreaker Under Extreme Ice Loads," by I. F. Glen, C.

G. Daly, and G. Tam.

SYNOPSIS —The proposed structure design for a large Polar icebreaker for the Canadian Coast Guard has been analyzed using recent understanding of ice loads on vessels, and analytical models to extrapolate areas far beyond current experience. Local bow strength and hull girder response were examined.

• The study revealed areas for potential improvement in the current regulations.

Paper No. 12—"Dynamic Analysis as a Tool for Open-Sea Mooring System Design," by Michael S.

Triantafyllou, Antoine Bliek, and Hyunkyoung Shin.

SYNOPSIS—Methods to change the performance of mooring lines are outlined, based on an extensive study of the effect of the principal parameters on the dynamic tension of cables. Tables and graphs are provided to estimate the equivalent stiffness and natural frequencies of cables, while examples illustrate the application of the proposed methodology.

Paper No. 13—"Hydro-Numeric Design of SWATH Ships," by Nils Salversen, Christian H.

von Kerczek, Carl A. Scragg, Christopher P. Cressy, and Michael J. Meinhold.

SYNOPSIS—A new computational method for the design of Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull (SWATH) ships is presented. The integrated computer system gener- ates mathematically faired SWATH hull forms, computes the total calm water resistance, minimizes the wave resistance by contouring the lower hulls, and predicts the turbulent boundary layer and the wake into the propeller.

ADMIRAL MARINE Booth No. 123 Admiral Marine Company of Staten Island, N.Y., will display a complete line of products for container securing. Of particular interest are the flex head lashing rod and the twist lock stacker. The stacker features a one-piece cone design that is being copied worldwide.

Lashing equipment for RO/RO vessels will also be displayed, featuring AMC's well-known chain last system presently used by the U.S.

Navy on the T-AKR and T-AK ships.

Also represented will be a full line of wire rope, fittings, anchors, anchor chain, and cordage. A topic for discussion at the booth will be the company's inhouse computer program service—a computer analysis of container securing systems based on the physical characteristics of the vessel and the forces generated by the wind and sea.

AERO NAV Booth No. 823 Aero Nav Laboratories, Inc. of College Point, N.Y., is a research and testing firm featuring noise measurement, shock testing, acceleration simulation, vibration testing, climatic environment simulation, and explosion-proof testing.

The firm's shock testing capabilities run the full range of Military Specifications. It has the ability to check safety and explosion propogation effectiveness of military and commercial equipment in a controlled gas atmosphere. A complete facility is available for vibration simulation and testing. Aero Nav has successfully conducted many airborne noise, structure-borne noise, and Type II vibration tests to military and industrial specifications.

ALFA-LAVAL Booth No. 909 Alfa-Laval, Inc. of Fort Lee, N.J., will be featuring the NIREX® freshwater distillers, fuel oil purification equipment, and plate heat exchangers.

AMERICAN PIPING Booth No. 911 American Piping Products, Inc. of New Hyde Park, N.Y., will exhibit a complete line of spectacle blinds in sizes 1 inch through 24 inches, in all body materials and with either butt well or flanged ends. The company will also display a wide variety of basket, "Y" type, and duplex strainers, as well as check valves and needle valves.

AMERON Booth No. 408 Ameron, a world leader in marine corrosion control technology, will feature Bondstrand 2000USN fiberglass pipe and fittings approved for non-vital service on U.S. Navy combattant and noncombattant vessels, and state of the art Amercoat 698HS ablative copolymer high solids antifouling. Significant additional products will also be featured at Ameron's S.N.A.M.E. exhibit.

AQUA CHEM Booth No. 208 Aqua-Chem, Inc. of Milwaukee designs and manufactures all types of desalination plants for the marine market, including reverse osmosis, vapor compression, flash, submerged tube, and plate type units.

The exhibit will include literature, photographs, and a scale model of the 12,000-gpd reverse osmosis plant for the U.S. Navy.

ARNESSEN Booth No. 237 Arnessen Corporation of Roselle, N.J., will be displaying the products of five manufacturers that it represents.

These include: Electrolux Marine of Sweden—laundry and galley equipment and washdown systems; Flakt Marine of Sweden— heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; Megator Corporation of Pittsburgh—pumps and vent check valves; Duap Ltd. of Switzerland— diesel fuel injection equipment; and Hatlapa of West Germany— deck machinery, compressors, steering gears, freshwater evaporators, and transverse thrusters.

ATCO MARINE Booth No. 608 Atco Marine Corporation of Brooklyn, N.Y., is a manufacturing/ sales representative serving the marine industry. It specializes in deck/ mooring fittings, lifeboats, davits, oil/sewage pollution control equipment, pumps, generators, and other machinery. The firm also offers machine shop, installation, and application engineering services.

BAILEY Booth No. 231 Bailey Refrigeration Company, Inc. of Avenel, N.J., this year will not only be showing and describing its well-known HVAC maintenance, design, installation, and spare parts services, but will also be introducing its cooperative program with Dunham- Bush, Inc.

Bailey has taken on the exclusive U.S. marine representation of Dunham- Bush's unique and highly reliable line of rotary screw compressors.

Cutaway exhibits, technical literature, and engineering personnel will be at the Bailey booth.

BARDEX Booth No. 514 Bardex Hydranautics of Goleta, Calif., will have personnel at their display to show and explain the latest developments in shiplift and transfer systems, floating drydock transfer systems, and lifting systems.

Literature and photographs in the booth will detail applications and technical specifications for the Bardex line of heavy-load moving systems for shipbuilding and ship repair.

BAY SHIPBUILDING Booth Nos. 905 & 907 Bay Shipbuilding Corporation of Sturgeon Bay, Wise., is one of the most modern full-service shipyards in the U.S. With access to the world's oceans through the St. Lawrence Seaway, Bay Ship can design, engineer, build, repair, convert, repower, retrofit, and jumboize oceangoing vessels to 760 feet and Great Lakes ships to 1,100 feet. The yard has a proven record of quality work, reduced costs, and on-schedule deliveries.

BETHLEHEM STEEL Booth No. 8 37 Bethlehem Steel Corporation's Shipbuilding Division will feature its expanded capability for ship construction and repair at three facilities— the new Sabine repair yard at Port Arthur, Texas; the recently upgraded yard at Sparrows Point near Baltimore; and the Far East Singapore shipyard. All represent recent major capital expenditures, reflecting Bethlehem's commitment to the maritime industry.

BRITISH SHIPBUILDERS Booth No. 825 The British Shipbuilders exhibit will show the company's latest technology and designs available.

CENTRICO Booth No. E-3 Centrico will provide technical experts on their two-stage purification system for heavy fuel oil with a density up to 10/10 kg/m-; their line of automatic self-cleaning oil separators type OSA used in purifying heavy fuel oil and heavy lubricating oils and the company's ablative treatment system used to purify residual and crude oil for gas turbines.

Free literature on Centrico's full line of products will be available.

COLT INDUSTRIES/ FAIRBANKS MORSE ENGINE Booth No. 600 Colt Industries, Fairbanks Morse Engine Division will be exhibiting literature and sales data for the Pielstick PA series engine with a horsepower range of one to 8,000 used for stationary and marine applications, as well as literature and a model of the Pielstick 2.6 engine.

COMBUSTION ENGINEERING Booth No. 7 28 C-E Marine and Industrial Package Steam Systems will be displaying a complete product line including main propulsion boilers, auxiliary boilers, and waste heat boilers, as well as various support groups such as Engineering, Program Management, Research & Development, and Field Services. C-E Computer Services representatives will be present to demonstrate and discuss various software available for the marine industry.

COMSAT TELESYSTEMS Booth No. 800-1 Comsat Telesystems Inc., will be displaying its mobile satellite communications system. Included in the display will be the MCS 9100 ship earth station and the company's recently introduced TCS 9000 110- pound transportable communications system.

CORNELL-CARR Booth No. 900 In addition to its display of windows, which will feature the new Clear View Screen and electrically heated models, Cornell-Carr Company of Monroe, Conn., will be showing window wipers and its line of heavy-duty, stainless steel locks.

Also on display will be a selection of the company's weathertight and sliding doors.

JOHN CRANE Booth Nos. 702 & 704 John Crane-Houdaille, Inc. of Morton Grove, 111., will be exhibiting its complete line of fluid sealing devices and systems, including mechanical shaft seals, engineered packings, rudder stock seals, bulkhead seals, and stern tube seals that are targeted for military and commercial applications.

CUMMINS Booth No. 830 Cummins Engine Company of Columbus, Ind., will exhibit photographs and literature covering marine diesel propulsion engines in the 50 to 1,385 horsepower range, and marine diesel auxiliary generator sets of 30 to 925 kilowatts.

ENGELHARD Booth No. 722 + 724 Corrosion protection and preventive systems that can save millions of dollars for marine and offshore operators will be exhibited in Engelhard's display. Also included will be a shipboard corrosion control system proven through 20 years of applications; electrochemical water treatment equipment to reduce internal corrosion and eliminate marine growth fouled seawater systems and deep submergence diver serviceable anodes for continuous 20- plus year corrosion protection on offshore exploration rigs and platforms.

ENVIROVAC Booth Nos. 306 & 308 Envirovac Inc. of Rockford, 111., will exhibit its ORCA sewage treatment systems, Type I & II physical/ chemical MSDs, which are of compact design and microprocessor controlled, with U.S. Coast Guard, IMO, and various other approvals.

The company's E-VAC vacuum sewage systems save water by using only two pints per flush, and eliminate many of the problems associated with gravity piping because vacuum piping does not require slope, can run upwards, and is smaller in diameter.

ESGARD Booth No. 819 Esgard, Inc. of Lafayette, La., represented worldwide, will promote its entire line of rust- and corrosion- preventive coatings. Included will be ballast coatings, selfpriming paints, wire rope and cable lubricants, and inventory storage coatings.

FATHOM OCEANOLOGY Booth No. 638 Fathom Oceanology Limited of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada offers engineering design, development, manufacture and service of vari- able-depth sonar (VDS), towed line array (TLA), mine countermeasures (MCM) handling systems incorporating passive and active motion compensation, hull-mounted sonar domes, towed bodies, marine winches, hydrodynamic cable fairings, and deepwater towing hardware.

FERGUSON/ COLUMBIAN BRONZE Booth No. 331, 333 Ferguson/Columbian Bronze will display the company's line of propellers, nozzles, computerized propeller program, CP blades, thruster propellers, and shaft line accessories.

FERNSTRUM Booth No. 812 R.W. Fernstrum & Co., of Menominee, Mich., will be exhibiting the Gridcooler®, a compact, highly efficient form of keel cooling adaptable to all types of workboats, fishing craft and pleasure boats.

The Gridcooler® is used to cool propulsion engines, generator set engines, bow thruster engines, pump and winch engines, hydraulic oil and compressors on board vessels.


Booth No. 116 Ferrous Corporation produces FE-4 fuel catalyst which makes fuel burn better in boilers and diesels.

Improved combustion reduces maintenance needs by keeping boiler tubes and diesel rings and valves cleaner, and improves fuel economy from two to five percent. Ferrous will be showing a new video tape which explains how the catalyst works and how equipment is used to add the catalyst to fuel.

FINCANTIERICANTIERI NAVALI ITALIANI Booth No. 832 The Fincantieri-Cantieri Navali Italiani exhibit will be highlighted by photographies panels and models representing the yard's production: merchant ships and naval vessels of every type and dimension; repairs and ship conversions; 2- and 4- stroke diesel engines for marine applications power generation and railway traction.

FLEXAUST Booth No. 810 The Flexaust Company of Ames- bury, Mass., a division of Callahan Mining Corporation, has been serving both the U.S. Navy and the commercial shipbuilding and ship repair industry for more than 40 years with ventilation hose and duct for welding fume removal, paint drying, dehumidification, and grit dust applications.

The hose products are permanently flame-retardant and are recognized by Underwriter Labs with a rating of U.L. 94V-0.

GOLAR METAL Booth No. 815 Golar Metal, Inc. of Lionville, Pa., a subsidiary of Golar Metal A/S of Norway, will display an aluminum helicopter deck, A-60 Safety Window, and a cutaway stripping ejector.

In addition, the company will be introducing the NORAC Akerpanel Accommodation Systems. Literature will be available describing the Golar marine incinerators and safety doors.

HILMAN Booth No. 311 Hilman Incorporated of Wall, N.J., will feature its Accu-Roll Guidance System that uses side cams on the standard Hilman rollers to guide the rollers on a flat bar, rail, beam, or channel. The company's rollers are used extensively in the translation of ships and ship modules either during launch or in the assembly phase. They can be supplied in stainless steel to prevent corrosion, and their lack of maintenance requirements, low coefficient of friction, and high durability make their life expectancy extremely favorable.

HYDROCOMP Booth No. 811 HydroComp Inc., is a progressive naval architectural firm offering a complete network of engineering services for marine design firms, independent naval architects and engineers, shipyards and private companies.

HydroComp will be displaying general design services and will introduce the first release of Nav- Cad—software for the computeraided- design of marine systems.

Available for demonstration will be NavCad:Props and NavCad:Props Plus for propeller analysis and selection; and NavCad:Power for vessel resistance and shaft power prediction.

INDAL Booth No. 640 Indal Technologies Inc. of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is internally known as a supplier of systems to safety land, secure, traverse, and protect helicopters on ships at sea.

This combination of equipment and expertise has been termed the ship/ helicopter interface, and includes the helicopter recovery assist, securing, and traversing (RAST) system; telescopic hangars, doors for fixed and telescopic hangars, lightweight flight decks, and aviation lighting packages.

INTERTRADE Booth No. E-7 Intertrade Industries exhibit will feature the company's foam filled marine fenders, marine buoys and composite toolings.

ITT MACKAY Booth No. 323 ITT Mackay of Elizabeth, N.J., a division of ITT Telecom Products Corporation, a name synonymous with quality marine communications for 58 years, introduces the Total Package concept of providing all communications and navigation needs. Additionally, high-quality engine room products are available, as well as satellite communications, lifeboat radio, radar, ballast oil pollution monitor with sample assembly, EPIRB, fuel meter, and viscotherm.

JAMESBURY Booth No. 805 Jamesbury Corporation of Worcester, Mass., offers high-performance Wafer-Sphere butterfly valves with all of the performance features of the company's commercial marine valves, modified to meet stringent U.S. Navy requirements.

Qualifying for this new Navy specification required rigid testing in all critical performance areas. Ranging in size from 2% inches, these valves suit practically every shipboard requirement with such features as tight shutoff, wide temperature range, compactness and light weight for easy installation, corrosion resistance, and long life cycle. Available as an option are a wide selection of Jamesbury actuators for both automatic on/off and proportioning control.

WALTER KIDDE Booth No. 523 Walter Kidde is a leading manufacturer of USCG approved fire detection and suppression systems for military and commercial vessels.

Walter Kidde display will include the KMSD (Kidde Marine Smoke Detection) system; carbon dioxide suppression systems; and Halon systems.

LEROY SOMERS Booth No. 634 Leroy Somers Motors Canada Ltd. of St. Laurent, Quebec, manufactures a complete line of ac and dc electric motors, alternators, generators, frequency converters, and circuit breakers for commercial and naval vessels. The company's exhibit will feature motors and alternators.

MARINE INDUSTRIE Booth No. 632 Marine Industrie Limitee of Sorel, Quebec, Canada, is a major Canadian shipbuilder in the design and construction of naval, commercial, and scientific vessels, conversions, and major refits. The company offers its services as prime contractor for turnkey projects, subcontractor for U.S./Canada Defense Sharing Program, and offset arrangements.

MMS/MARDATA Booth No. 310 Marine Management Systems, Inc. (MMS) of Stamford, Conn., will be presenting its ship management application systems, designed for use on the IBM Personal Computer, for both shipboard and shoreside use. Available for demonstration will include systems for spare parts management, planned maintenance, cargo loading, and fleet payroll, among others.

The MMS Maritime Data Network (MARDATA) will demonstrate its on-line database services of shipping information for the ocean transportation industry. New this year are major enhancements to worldwide Ship Movements and Charter Fixtures libraries, communications software for the IBM PC, and INTEX/BIFFEX Freight Futures data, including the daily Baltic Index and Trading Components.

MARINE MOISTURE CONTROL Booth No. 112 Marine Moisture Control Company (MMC) of Inwood, N.Y., will exhibit its direct electronic gauging systems for liquid transport and storage, with open, restricted, or closed tank gauging, with portable, fixed automatic, remote, and computerized systems. The MMC stand will also feature vapor control valves, Hi/Lo alarm level alarms, clarifier/coalescers, RO water purification systems, gear case dehydrators, line blind valves, deck and tank covers, C-L closures, in-line strainers, Seacology 2000 slop tank logic system, bunker and slop tank discharge flanges, and Camlock® couplings.

MARLO COIL Booth Nos. F6 & F7 Mario Coil of High Ridge, Mo., has been a leading manufacturer of Navy and commercial marine heating, ventilating, and air conditioning equipment for more than 60 years. It will display a Navy fan coil unit, a Navy fan coil assembly, and a new design Navy Standard cooling coil. Mario will also demonstrate its computer programs for selecting and rating Navy Standard HVAC equipment.

MASONITE Booth No. 213 Masonite Inorganic Technology Division produces a variety of products and services to the marine industry. Among these are Firetest™ 80-32 non-combustible bulkhead panels, steel doors and frames, joiner trim, Marlite® Brand Plank and HPL doors.

MIDLAND ROSS Booth No. 307 Midland Ross, Russellstoll offers one of the marine industry's most complete lines of lighting. Basic fixture types include incandescent, fluorescent and three types of HID illumination: mercury vapor, high pressure sodium and metal halide.

Applications range from table and mirror lamps in ship's quarters to vapor-tight, water-tight corrosionresistant, or explosion-proof fixtures for any type of vessel, rig or shore location.

MITSUBISHI Booth No. 708 The exhibit of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Inc. of Chicago will feature the following: a standard oil tanker, Aquarius-80; a dualfuel diesel engine, combined with turbogenerating plant (Mitsubishi- DFD); a modern VLCC design; modification work on a containership; and an insulation reamer coupling bolt for propulsion power transmission.

NKS/LEXINGTON TRADING INTERNATIONAL Booth No. 313 NKS/Lexington Trading International supplies heavy marine and industrial castings and forgings.

NATIONAL MARINE SERVICE Booth No. 915 National Marine Service, Shipyard Division will exhibit their services and capabilities in a pictorial display of the company's facilities at St. Louis, Mo., New Orleans, La., and Norfolk, Va. The company provides diesel engine repairs and parts in addition to shipyard repair services.

NAV-COM/ MAGNAVOX Booth No. 429, 430, 529 Nav-Com, Inc. of Deer Park, NY will introduce the new Magnavox next generation satellite communications terminal and the Magnavox GPS navigation receiver. The exhibit will include a live demonstration of NavCom's BUSISHIP shipboard management system, including vessel application software; a demonstration of GEONAV electronic charting system; as well as various other marine navigation and communication equipment.

NEWPORT NEWS Booth No. 204 Newport News Shipbuilding of Newport News, Va., a Tenneco Company, will display its ability to design, construct, overhaul, repair, convert, retrofit, and jumboize a wide variety of ships for the U.S.

Navy and commercial customers.

Also featured will be the IM (Intelligent Machine) microcomputerbased delivery system being marketed for training, consultation, diagnostic, and information kiosk applications.

RAYTHEON MARINE Booth No. 824 Raytheon Marine Company of Manchester, N.H., will be exhibiting a number of new products, including: the RAYPATH ARPA with simulator JUE-35B SatCom (INMARSAT Ship Earth Station); DSL-150 doppler speed log; RD-500 echo sounder (both meeting new IMO requirements; RAYFAX-500 weather facsimile receiver/recorder; RAYNAV-750 Mk II Loran C navigator; as well as satnav, SSB and VHF-FM radiotelephones, and other equipment.

RILEY-BEAIRD Booth No. 108 Riley Beaird supplies the Maxim line of desalinators and silencers to the marine industry. Maxim desalinators include reverse osmosis systems providing fresh water for workboats, offshore platforms, tankers, submarines and large vessels of all types. Riley Beaird also supplies Maxim silencers, heat exchangers and deaerators.

SAAB Booth No. 212 Saab Tank Control of Hoboken, N.-J. (formerly Salwico, Inc.), will be exhibiting with Saab Marine Electronics.

On display will be Saab's TankRadar for measuring the level in cargo tanks; the TankRadar System, a self-contained cargo measuring and control system for level, temperature, volume, weight, draft, inert gas pressure, etc. Also shown will be the Salwico oil content monitor, Howden inert gas systems, Gunclean fixed tank-cleaning equipment, and Hi/Lo level alarms. Technical literature and engineering personnel will be at the booth for additional information.

SEACOAST ELECTRIC Booth No. 211 Seacoast Electric provides military spec 24643, 24640 and 915E cable, navy symbols, circuit breakers and marine electrical equipment, and airframe wire and cable for marine applications.

SIEMENS-ALUS Booth No. 734 The Power Engineering Marketing Division of Siemens-Allis, Inc., South Plainfield, N.J., will exhibit the following equipment: A complete main engine control console and automation system, Siemens type DIFA 41. This system has been certified by M.A.N./B&W for control of its entire range of slow- and medium-speed diesel engines.

A Simos 32 unit with color graphic— a microprocessor-controlled monitor and alarm system with added- on color graphic.

SIGMA Booth No. 606 Sigma Treatment Systems of Chester Springs, Pa., distributes the Shimadzu ET-30A, said to be one of the most rugged and reliable 15 ppm oil content meters available. Completely automatic, with worldwide regulatory approvals, the ET-30A is both self-cleaning and self-calibrating.

Its ultrasonics used for measurements are virtually unaffected by dirt, rust, or air bubbles.

SPERRY Booth No. 931 Sperry Corporation's Aeorospace & Marine Group of Charlottesville, Va., will exhibit a full range of advanced marine navigation and control systems, including the Sperry SRD 421 two-axis doppler speed log, the SRP 2000 autopilot, the 340 CAS collision-avoidance system, and the Sperry satellite communications system.

TANKER EQUIPMENT Booth No. D-8 Tanker Equipment Company of Hoboken, N.J., is agent for and will exhibit the following equipment: Dasic tank-washing machines, COW equipment, and water- and air-driven blowers; TEC cargo and tankwash hoses; and Gastech portab gasdetection gear.

TATE ANDALE Booth No. 413 Tate Andale, Inc. of Baltimore, a division of Tate Industries, will exhibit manually operated and poweroperated simplex and duplex manifold valves; seawater, lube oil, and fuel oil strainers; PV valves, scupper valves, vent valves, P-traps, deck drains, special marine machining and fabricating capabilities, valve actuators, and heat exchangers.

THOMSON-GORDON Booth No. 404 Thomson-Gordon Limited of Burlington, Ontario, Canada, will be displaying its full ranee of Thordon ® marine bearings for propeller shafts and rudder bearings on all types and classes of ships. From Compac to Staxl, from XL to Composite, Thordon synthetic-polymeralloy marine bearings have provided consistent, cost-effective, troublefree performance for owners and operators. There is said to be a Thordon marine bearing to meet any requirement.

TTS Booth No. 227 Total Transportation Systems, Inc., (TTS) of Newport News, Va., is a major supplier of custom-engineered production systems, surface treatment lines for plates and shapes, and heavy-material-handling systems to modern shipyards throughout the world, including several prominent U.S. yards. The recently acquired Kenmark Industries adds a new dimension to the TTS material-handling systems with Mega Grip and Mega Latch jacking equipment for ship transfer and rig jacking, and Twin Lift hoist shiplift systems.

TYTON SEAL Booth No. 628 Tyton Seal of Pointe Claire, Que- bee, Canada will exhibit its bulkhead seal type TR250 that is widely used by the U.S. Navy. It is automatically activated, does not need auxiliary systems, and accommodates shaft movement up to plus or minus 1.75 inches radial. Tyton air admission seals for Prairie and Masca systems convey air into the propulsion shaft for impeller noise reduction.

UNITOR/PEROLIN Booth Nos. B5 & B6 Perolin Marine UK, a Unitor company, will be demonstrating the latest in its range of on-board test kits, the TBN kit. TBN (Total Base Number) is a measure of the ability of the oil to neutralize strong acids, which has a critical influence on cylinder liner and piston ring wear.

The prime development criterion for this kit was "sea-suitability," and allows the following end-user benefits: ease and speed of use, high portability, ease of cleaning, and accuracy and decisiveness.

VERSATILE GROUP Booth No. 646 The Versatile Group now includes Versatile Davie (Levis, Quebec); Versatile Systems Engineering (Ottawa, Ontario); Versatile Vickers (Montreal, Quebec); and Versatile Pacific Shipyards (No. Vancouver, BC).

The Versatile Group display will highlight the facilities and services of their affiliated companies.

VIKING LIFE-SAVING EQUIPMENT Booth No. 908 Viking Life-Saving Equipment provides a complete Davit Launching system with USCG approved liferafts for 12, 16, 20 or 25 persons, USCG approved stainless steel automatic release hook and a choice of USCG approved Davits. Full details will be available at the Viking Life- Saving Equipment display.

WARREN PUMPS Booth No. 132 Warren Pumps-Houdaille, Inc. of Warren, Mass., a subsidiary of Houdaille Industries, will feature its complete range, said to be the widest line of marine pumps available from a single U.S. manufacturer.

Warren's centrifugal, mixed-flow, propeller, reciprocating, and rotary pumps meet nearly all marine services, and are backed by the company's 85-year-old tradition of knowhow and service.

WARTSILA DIESEL Booth Nos. 422, 424, & 426 Wartsila Diesel of Finland, one of the world's leading manufacturers of medium-speed diesel engines, will exhibit its Wartsila Vasa 32 and Vasa 22HF engine types with an output range of 760 to 9,180 bhp at 720-1,200 rpm. Also on display will be the Wartsila ENCOM engine monitoring system, as well as some of the key components for reliable heavy-fuel operation.

S.S. WHITE Booth No. 610 S.S. White Industrial Products of Piscataway, N.J., a division of Pennwalt Corporation, will have an all-new display highlighting a Type RGS in-line torque multiplier that allows turning difficult high-torque valves with ease. The display will allow visitors to apply torque to the remote hand wheel and experience a simulated digital readout in pounds feet, and observe the increased torque at the valve site.

Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 50,  Nov 1985

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