Uniden® Offers Three New Electronic Aids

—Literature Available Uniden Company, Indianapolis, Ind., now has three new electronic aids available. The MC35 marine power hailer, the MC400 chart recorder and the MC300 digital depth indicator.

The Uniden MC35 marine power hailer is a powerful, 40-watt hailer with a four-station intercom, automatic foghorn with settings for international, inland and Great Lakes operation, a momentary or lock-on siren, a volume control for both foghorn and siren and a handheld microphone. It also includes an auxiliary input for a tape player, a tuner, jack for external speaker and a terminal strip for connecting up to four speakers.

The MC35 is protected by a corrosion-resistant, high-impact plastic case and has been designed for easy use and durability. Projector horns and remote speakers that are compatible are also offered.

For literature containing further information on the Uniden MC35 power hailer, Circle 65 on Reader Service Card The Uniden MC400 chart recorder features convenient front panel keypad controls, an LCD display of surface temperature and water depth at a glance. It ignores annoying echoes that can make chart recordings difficult to interpret. It "knows" that only bubbles and debris rise straight up while fish rise gradually at angles.

The 4-inch chart recorder has six range scales from 0-10 feet up to 0-320 feet making it ideal for shallow water, bay and coastal shelf fishing.

It also features an event marker, chart light, 200 KHz transducer, all cabling and a spare paper cassette. It is housed in a weather resistant plastic case, has adjustable mounting brackets, noncorrosive plastic latches, watertight seal gaskets and detachable power and transducer plugs for easy removal and storage.

George Rabatin, national sales manager of marine products, says the MC400 "permits the fisherman to lay the bait virtually right in the fishes mouth." For further information on the MC400 chart recorder from Uniden, Circle 71 on Reader Service Card The Uniden MC300 digital depth indicator is ideal for shallow water navigation and charting.

It features a continuous digital readout of water depths from zero to 300 feet and a front panel switch that allows for an audible shallow water alarm at either 5 or 10-foot water depths. The MC300 is compact, 3-% inches wide by 7-% inches long by 2-% inches high and will mount almost anywhere. It comes equipped with a 200 KHz transom-mount transducer.

For further information on the MC300 digital depth indicator, Circle 74 on Reader Service Card

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