ICHCA Cargo Conference To Hear 22 Speakers Nov. 13-15 In New York

The United States National Committee of ICHCA has announced that 22 leaders in the field of bulk cargo will address the three-day conference and seminar the organization is sponsoring at the Americana Hotel in New York City on November 13- 15, 1978.

In reporting details of the program, John J. Farrell Jr., president of the U.S. branch of ICHCA — the International Cargo Handling Coordination Association — said the guest speakers include some of the world's top specialists in handling and moving bulk products. "Our program is planned for a broad-based approach to the subject of bulk cargoes, and those taking part are a c k n o w l e d g e d leaders in the field that embraces a wide spectrum of commodities and systems involved in their transport and handling," he said.

The c o n f e r e n c e , Mr. Farrell added, is one of the most detailed and comprehensive public forums on bulk cargo matters ever planned in this country, and it will range through seven subject categories over the three days. The discussion items and the scheduled speakers include: 1. Future Bulk Ports —There will be three speakers, including P. Soros, president of Soros Associates, on "Bulk Ports"; R.J.

Colleran, president of Dravo-Van Houten, on "Economics of Offshore Oil Terminals"; and E.T.

Hillberg, technical manager of advanced projects for Fairchild- Stratos Division, who will discuss "Offshore LNG Terminal Requirements." 2. Environmental and Safety Aspects in Bulk Handling — The speakers will be E.K. Bauman, Safety Manager in the Federal Grain Inspector Service for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, on "Dust Hazards in Grain Handling" ; E.H. Middleton of the Office of Merchant Marine Safety in the U.S. Coast Guard, on "Handling of Hazardous Bulk Commodities." A third title in this panel, "Hazards of Bulk Cargoes Which Fluidize or Shift," will have two speakers. They are B.A.

Bodenheimer, president of Bodenheimer Associates, and A.A. Freelund of C.R. Cushing & Co.

3. Efficiency in Bulk Handling —H.N. Baker Jr., vice president of Waterman Steamship Corp., will talk on "The Transportation of Bulk Commodities in Barge Carriers"; Richard E. Henning, director of Bulk Commodities at Sea-Land Service, Inc., will talk on "The Transportation of Bulk Commodities in Containers," and Capt. N. Puppatti, general manager of Standard Fruit Company, will speak on "Bananas—Cartons vs. Containers." 4. Forest Products Handling— L. Rappleyea, manager-Exports Sales for Louisiana-Pacific Corp., will talk on "Forest Products Handling— A Survey"; and J. Dilutio, vice president of Transportation for Bowater Paper Co., will speak on "Newsprint, the Role of Cargo Handling in the Determination of Trade Patterns." 5. New Technologies and Problems in Handling Bulk Cargoes— R.N. Steele, a s s i s t a n t general manager-Transportation at Norfolk & Western Railway Co., will talk on "Coal Transportation, Problems and Solutions"; W.N.

Sims, vice president of Marconaflo, Inc., will speak on "Slurry Transportation and Technology"; and C. Robertson, Internal Chartering Specialist at E.I. du Pont, will speak on "Handling Problems in the Worldwide Distribution of Bulk Chemicals." 6. Cargo Quality as a Result of Handling — J.A.J. Vermeulen of Internationale Controle Maatschappij, B.V., will speak on "Handling and S t o r a g e Damage to Grain"; while two other speakers, N.L. Pennington, vice president- Refinery O p e r a t i o n s , and L.E. Cole, warehouse manager of the California and Hawaiian Sug ar Company, will cover "Handling Hawaiian Raw Sugar from Bags to Bulk." 7. Bulk Handling Equipment— J.F. Martin, president of Paceco Inc., will speak on "Continuous Unloaders, the Challenge-the Response"; Col. W.T. Turner Jr., managing director of Burnside Agency, Inc., will talk on "Bulk Handling Equipment Problems— the User's Point of View"; J.E.

Livesay, president of Pneumatic Systems, Inc., will speak on "Pneumatic Cargo Handling—the State of the Art"; L. Tingskog, president of A.B. Siwertell, will talk on "Screw Conveyors"; and C.M. Rader, vice president-Bulk Transport Division of Heil & Patterson, Inc., will speak on "Application of Rotary Railroad Car Dumping and Train Indexing Equipment." Further information on the conference may be obtained by writing to ICHCA, c/o International Terminal Operating Co.

Inc., 17 Battery Place, New York, N.Y. 10004, or by telephoning Frank Nolan at (212) 269-5910.

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