EMD Introduces New Fuel-Efficient Diesel —Brochure Available

Electro-Motive Division of General Motors, LaGrange, 111., recently introduced a new Series 645 engine. This engine will provide workboat owners a 3 percent reduction in fuel consumption over previous models. The improvements in this engine model are the latest in a series which has seen a fuel consumption reduction of more than 6 percent since 1977.

The new "EC" engine series combines innovative design features that ensure superior field performance, extended operating service, and enable the engine to withstand higher operating pressures, with state-of-the-art turbocharger technology.

"This new model," said T.J.

Lehman, EMD marine sales manager, "represents the latest step in our continuing efforts to provide our customers with the most fuel-efficient diesel, while maintaining our historically high levels of reliability, interchangeability, and maintainability. We are very excited about this more fuel-efficient model. Further, we expect even more improvements in fuel efficiency in the future." The "EC" engine turbocharger incorporates a newly designed impeller, compressor diffuser, and a change in the turbine nozzle.

The resulting increase in compressor and turbine efficiency improves the overall fuel efficiency of the engine.

P r e v i o u s key elements of the EMD turbocharger — the strengthened turbine wheel, high capacity planetary gearing, and spring drive gear — have been retained.

The new engine uses a 16:1 compression ratio fire ring piston.

The increase in compression ratio from 14.5:1 produces the same power output with less fuel. The fire ring design further improves fuel efficiency by effectively providing a long power stroke. Also, the unit fuel injector features a large diameter .50-inch plunger and a low sac spray tip, which improve combustion efficiency.

Holding the cylinder and liner in place is an improved bolting system. The new design features a plate crab which extends the retorqueing interval from 12 to 36 months.

Retained in this new model is the rocking pin piston. The rocking pin design incorporates multiple wrist pin surfaces separated by an eccentricity. This provides increased load bearing capacity for the higher peak firing pressures associated with improved fuel efficiency.

As with past EMD engine designs, this new model has been developed with retrofitability in mind. As a result, most turbocharged 645 models now in the field can be upgraded to take advantage of these fuel economy improvements.

For free literature on the new EMD 645 and a free copy of the 32-page "EMD 645 Engine and Blended Fuels — A Progress Report," Write 43 on Reader Service Card

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