Drew Ameroid Unveils New Fuel Additive — Literature Available

Drew Ameroid" Marine of Boonton, N.J., has introduced a new fuel additive called Amergize" deposit modifier/combustion improver that is said to provide increased fuel efficiency and substantial cost savings. At the same time, Drew has announced cost savings to users of Amergize based on a rebate equal to one-half the price of a simplex dosing system.

Available worldwide, Amergize is a specially formulated, concentrated blend of organometallic compounds developed to improve diesel engine combustion, reduce smoking, and lower valve and turbocharger deposits. It is completely soluble in all fuels, does not become saturated or leached out by water, and does not harm engine parts or close-tolerence fuelmetering equipment.

The additive improves combustion by breaking up long-chain, high-molecular-weight hydrocarbons that are so prevalent in today's marine bunkers. It also modifies deposit-forming compounds to minimize high-temperature corrosion and deposit formation.

Amergize is effective at concentrations as low as one liter per six tons of fuel, and is dosed into the fuel line by means of a metering pump. It contains magnesium and rare earth materials that enhance fuel utilization and combustion, and reacts with fuel impurities to minimize damage to engine parts.

Amergize also reduces the formation of corrosive sulfuric acid by reacting with vanadium pentoxide, a catalytic material that causes sulfuric acid to form during combustion.

It combines with these and other harmful contaminants in the ship's fuel, causing them to form more stable and less corrosive compounds that are harmlessly passed out of the engine as a high-melting-point ash.

Drew service representatives will assist ship managers in determining specific treatment rates for bunker fuels high in vanadium, sodium, and sulfur. In addition, Drew offers a Pace® fuel evaluation program to help determine fuel characteristics present prior to dosing.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 29,  Apr 1984

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