U n i r o y a l D e l t a Fender Systems P r o t e c t Pier A n d Ships A t N O R S H I P CO

By retrofitting its largest pier with a dual-mounted fender system, NORSHIPCO, Norfolk, Va„ can easily work on ship sides more than 1,200 feet long without damaging or marking either the ship or the pier. The marine tendering system, called Delta, designed by Uniroyal, Inc., and installed by NORSHIPCO, satisfies high energy absorption and long life requirements.

George Curtis, NORSHIPCO vice president, Facilities Engineering, explained: "We needed a tendering system that could retrofit onto our existing pier and pilings.

It had to withstand very high impact and pressure loads." Uniroyal tendering specialists, working closely with Seaport Supply engineers, recommended Model 28A dual-mounted Delta fenders which provide double the energy absorption capability of single Delta modules without increasing the reaction force on the pier. This self-supporting, self-contained system, consisting of eight fender assemblies, was installed at the pier site in a period of less than six months.

The dual mount design enables complete access to a ship's hull because the fender modules have a 48-inch stand-off from the pier.

"The fenders have provided the necessary protection to both the over-hauled ships and the pier," said Mr. Curtis.

The 12 dual-mounted Delta A fenders used at NORSHIPCO can service ships which have a displacement tonnage of 50,000 to 58,000 tons. The Delta dualmounted fender provides an excellent Reaction to Energy (R/E Factor) of only .70. As a result, any fender pressure on the hull of a ship which has that displacement tonnage normally will not cause surface damage to the ship.

Each 12-1/3-foot-long fender assembly, consisting of three Model 28A dual-mounted Delta fenders, has an energy absorption rating of 458 kips/foot and can withstand a load of 31.5 kips/foot. The fenders are extremely flexible and will deflect more than 24 inches without permanently damaging or altering the Delta fender shape.

Uniroyal, Inc. manufactures the Model 28A Delta fenders used at the NORSHIPCO pier from a specially developed EPDM/butyl compound that combines butyl's excellent damping capabilities with EPDM's superior heat and weathering properties.

The Delta dual-mounted fenders consist of two single Delta fender modules, each two feet long and 3V4 inches wide. These two modules are bolted together with a 19-inch-long, IVi-inch-diameter threaded steel rod.

The three dual-mounted fenders used in each assembly are covered with 12-1/3-foot-long spaced-timber facings that evenly distribute a ship's load against the fender assembly.

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Maritime Reporter Magazine, page 31,  Apr 1984

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