New American Underpressure System —An Interim Solution

MH Systems, Inc., Del Mar, Calif., developer of the American Underpressure System called Spillstop, has performed probabilistic outflow analysis and cost analysis of the system. The system might prove to be a cost-effective interim solution for existing tankers to prevent or reduce the outflow of cargo.

According to Mo Husain, president of MH Systems, Inc., the system can be installed at low cost as a retrofit to existing tankers. The system utilizes continuous, dynamically controlled underpressure to prevent or reduce cargo loss in collision or grounding accidents. The level of protection is approximately the same as afforded by alternative systems using a double hull or an intermediate deck, according to Mr.

Husain. The system utilizes sophisticated electronic control system for the functional operation of the system.

Approximate accident statistics reported by the National Academy of Sciences can be used to develop estimates of average or expected cargo loss for various systems. In a typical analysis, a notional tanker design of 280,000 dwt was used by MH Systems, Inc., as a baseline for evaluation.

For each possible location of damage, the cargo loss from the affected tank was determined for each alternative design. MH Systems, Inc., used these loss estimates in combination with accident statistics to give a probabilistic estimate of average loss reduction. The results were: Mid-Deck Tanker, with Side Hull 90 percent Double-Hull Tanker with American Underpressure Sys ..82 percent Double-Hull Tanker 66 percent American Underpressure System.65 percent Double-Bottom Tanker 44 percent The tanker analyzed in the study could be fitted out with the American Underpressure System for about $2.5 million, reports MH Systems, Inc., compared to about $80 million for the double hull and an even higher cost for the intermediate deck option.

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