Tokimec's Marine Systems Division Offers Wide Range Of Navigation Equipment

Tokimec is the new name for Tokyo Keiki, a leading Japanese company in composite sensing technology.

For almost a century the marine systems division of Tokimec has developed new and innovative products for commercial, luxury, leisure and fishing craft. Tokimec offers marine radars, gyrocompasses, autopilots, GPS navigators and RASCAR radar systems.

Tokimec's BR-1800 series rasterscan radars have automatic tuning and sea clutter suppression to provide simple operation. A newly developed MIC for the front-end of the receiver helps to keep a lower signal-to-noise ratio. IMO versions are available with a Gyro/Log interface unit and a passive type performance monitor.

Some of the gyrocompasses produced by Tokimec are the ES-series, the GM-20/2 land the TG-5000. The ES-series includes Type ES-10 which uses the master compass directly in steering without using repeaters and Type ES-11A which uses repeater compasses. This type of gyrocompass has been installed on over 20,000 different vessels since it came on the market.

The GM-20/21 is one of the world's smallest gyrocompasses featuring a syncro output, which can be used to drive the Tokimec PR-1000 steering control. The GM 20/21 is made up of a master compass which is ideal for operators of small commercial vessels and fishing boats due to space limitations.

The TG-5000 gyrocompass is primarily for medium to large ship installations and conforms to IMO standards. The master compass and a transmission box make up this unit. It is reported to be easy to operate since there is only one control switch and speed error is automatically corrected. This series also offers other desirable features such as emergency back-up functions and an extensive repeater circuit.

The Tokimec PR-8000 autopilot conforms with the recommendations of SOLAS, the IMO, and the rules and regulations of many countries and classification societies. Each unit can be customized to fit aboard a particular vessel with its functional units mounted either into the stand-alone system or into console and cockpit configurations. The unit provides two steering modes which are the adaptive mode, which uses the Model Reference Adaptive Control System (MRACS), and the PID mode which enhances the stability and accuracy of course functions through a new control system.

The GR-1000 GPS navigator has a continuous fix mode with a multichannel receiver that can give complete position fixing. The display gives navigational as well as simple plot functions. The unit also gives various types of navigational data such as waypoint and time to go to a destination. Any desired route can be set and changed with a print out of the information if desired.

The RASCAR radar system has touch-screen capabilities which eliminate the need for additional buttons and knobs. The radar offers a variety of features as well as many optional functions to make operation easier.

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