The following is a brief overview of some the latest developments in the deck machinery and cargo-handling equipment market. The review is based on a survey conducted by the editors of MARITIME REPORTER of the leading marine manufacturers and suppliers from the U.S. and around the world.

Free literature describing all the equipment featured in this review is available from the manufacturers and suppliers. To receive additional information, circle the appropriate Reader Service Number(s) listed under each company's name on the postpaid Reader Service Card bound into the back of this issue.

ALL SET MARINE LASHING Circle 35 on Reader Service Card Since 1978, Sweden's All Set Marine Lashing has designed and supplied cargo lashing equipment to major shipping lines, primarily for container ships.

The company's semiautomatic twistlock, C5AM, is now in service on all APL ships calling at U.S. ports.

All Set Marine Lashing reports that the twistlock system offers increased operational safety, as well as increases productivity by as much as two to four moves per hour.

The C5AM-DF (dual function mode) twistlock system is in service aboard Evergreen ships. The dual function twistlocks can be used in automatic mode (coning/deconing on dock) or in manual (coning/deconing onboard), providing the terminal with an option that best suites its needs. Major shipping lines NOL and Sea-Land have also selected the C5AM-DF twistlock system.

All Set Marine has also recently delivered its new turnbuckle Equalash to Evergreen Line. All Set Marine claims that the Equalash, developed as an improvement of the paralash system, has lighter rods, fewer parts, is easier to operate, is lower in price, but offers the same strength as the paralash system. Equalash has been in service on ANL and K-Line ships for over one year.

AMCLYDE Circle 83 on Reader Service Card AmClyde Engineered Products, Inc., based in St. Paul, Minn., is one of the world's premier designers and builders of large specialty equipment for lifting, pulling, moving and mooring the heaviest loads in the offshore oil and gas market, for shipyards, for material handling and for U.S. Government installations.

Since 1892, AmClyde has supplied customers with over 10,000 cranes and winches for their operating fleets.

AmClyde maintains leading technology for mooring deep water drilling and production platforms, as well as ship sets.

Shell Offshore Inc., for example, has awarded AmClyde a contract worth in excess of $11 million to design and furnish what will reportedly be the world's largest lateral mooring system, cranes and conventional drum winches for the over $1 billion Auger Project which will operate in 2,860-foot water depths.

Lambert's Point Docks, a subsidiary of Norfolk Southern Corporation, purchased two large multipurpose level luffing traveling gantry cranes to enhance its capability of establishing itself as a maj or commodities and container terminal on the U.S. East Coast.

At the core of AmClyde's success is its engineering design capability.

The company specializes in pure engineering consulting and also helping customers develop innovative solutions to complex problems.

CRANDALL DRY DOCK Circle 96 on Reader Service Card Crandall Dry Dock Engineers, Inc., of Dedham, Mass., is the sole North American agent for Establissements Marit of St.

Amand-les-Eaux, France, a familyowned and -operated firm since 1904.

Ests. Marit manufactures high quality marine chains ranging in size up to 100 mm in diameter. Marit's philosophy has always been one of top quality at a reasonable price. To insure this, the latest manufacturing technology as well as constant monitoring of production procedures is employed. Marit chain can be manufactured to meet the requirements ofV eritas, Det norske Veritas, Lloyd's Register of Shipping, and the American Bureau of Shipping.

Additionally, Marit has been awarded RAQ2 probate quality by the French Navy.

Marit offers the following products: stud link anchor chain, antimagnetic chain, carbon and special steel chain, chain with antiwear heat treatment, open-link chain (calibrated and uncalibrated), special swivels, shackles, connecting links, high efficiency anchors, quick release hooks, and other marine chain-related items.

CROSBY Circle 117 on Reader Service Card The Crosby Group manufactures one of the widest lines of construction blocks in the world.

Additionally, the Tulsa, Oklahoma, company, a subsidiary of Amhoist, can also custom engineer and design a block to match a customer's needs. The company's engineers utilize advanced CAD/CAM technology, as well as quality materials and manufacturing processes.

CROSS EQUIPMENT Circle 91 on Reader Service Card Cross Equipment, Houma, La., was formed to serve the needs of the oil and gas industry for used and remanufactured marine and deck equipment. The company has an extensive inventory of new surplus and used winches, cranes, deck machinery and other marine related equipment.

A sister company to Houma-based Smatco Industries, Cross Equipment utilizes Smatco's 51,000-square-foot facility for all its repair and remanufacturing work.

Some of Cross Equipment's most recent projects consist of the delivery of two eight-point mooring systems, which included winches and fairleaders for installation on two drilling barges for Atlantic Pacific Marine Corporation. The company also furnished two eightpoint mooring systems consisting of fairleaders, winches and Martin Decker Dynalines, which were installed on Falcon rigs 50 and 51 for a drilling project in Lake Maracaibo.

Cross Equipment just delivered a remanufactured Smatco single drum towing winch to Dunlap Towing in Washington and a remanufactured Intercon single drum towing winch to Dann Ocean Towing in Florida.

At present, Cross Equipment is outfitting a barge with a six-point mooring system with deck sheaves and fairleaders.

DEL GAVIO MARINE HYDRAULICS Circle 73 on Reader Service Card Del Gavio Marine Hydraulics, Inc., Carlstadt, N.J., maintains a full-service hydraulic repair facility for the overhaul and repair of all types of electrohydraulic deck winches and windlasses.

Del Gavio has completed an emergency repair of a double-drum mooring winch aboard the SS Mormacsun at Port Elizabeth, N.J.

Without any advance arrangements, the complete rotating assembly was removed from the vessels and stripped down. A badly corroded shaft was repaired and machined.

All new bushings, bearings and retainers were fabricated and fitted and the unit was reassembled, reinstalled and tested within 72 hours.

Del Gavio offers emergency and routine service from its facilities at Carlstadt, N.J., and Oakland, Calif.

, on a worldwide, around-the-clock basis. The firm is especially experienced with older Western Gear and Hyde systems, as well as more modern systems such as Brattvaag, Fukushima, Skagit and Hagglunds.

Other company services include assistance in the design of new systems or modification of existing systems.

EFFER Circle 82 on Reader Service Card Since 1975 Italy's Effer SpA has put considerable effort into the engineering and manufacturing of hydraulic cranes for marine applications.

Through its past experience, Effer has gained a vast amount of knowledge concerning anti-corrosion treatment to crane components.

Effer marine cranes are specifically designed and assembled for use in a salt-water environment. All Effer cranes are designed and produced according to the standard DIN 15018.

The company's range of marine cranes falls into four categories: knuckleboom cranes—ranging in capacity from 2.5 to 140 metric tons, these units can be completely folded for efficient use of space; BL knuckleboom cranes—ranging in capacity from 24 to 400 metric tons, these knuckleboom units have a first long boom; telescoping boom cranes— available in capacities from 44 to 200 metric tons; and fixed length boom cranes—offered in capacities from 44 to 400 metric tons.

ELEVATING BOATS Circle 74 on Reader Service Card Elevating Boats, Inc. (EBI) has recently manufactured a number of its newly designed 100 and 150 Series marine cranes with capacities of 50 tons and 75 tons, respectively.

These cranes are offered in fixed, double-tapered box boom type and telescopic configuration that incorporates EBI's unique rack and pinion telescopic mechanism, which requires no internal hydraulic cylinder.

To reduce the cost of inventory and maintenance, most of the parts in the gearboxes for the swing mechanism of the crane are the same as the ones in the telescopic gearboxes and the load-line winch.

EBI has incorporated an all-hydraulic safety system with an anti-two-blocking device for it 100 and 150 Series cranes. This system protects the crane from an overload due to hoisting, booming out and telescoping out.

EBI has recently manufactured a TC150-54-100 model telescopic marine crane, with a 75-ton capacity and 54-foot retracted and 100-foot extended boom length, for the U.S.

Maritime Administration. This crane was installed by Coastal Marine Services, Port Arthur, Texas, aboard the MA7 Barbara Lois. The crane is currently in service for MarAd Beaumont Reserve Fleet. Its function is general equipment transfer and anchor-handling operation of up to 40,000 pounds at 40-foot reach.

HAGGLUNDS Circle 75 on Reader Service Card Hagglunds MTT, a Hagglunds company, is a world leading supplier of marine cargo cranes, as well as cargo crane technology. The latest development from the company is the Pallet Swinger, a crane specially designed to increase the productivity in the pallet-dominated reefer trade. The Pallet Swinger has already been installed on new reefer vessels being built by Boelwerf of Belgium for a Swedish company.

Hagglunds has always been successful in the reefer market, and in addition to the Boelwerf installations, a number of refrigerated cargo vessels currently being built by Polish yards for different owners, will be equipped with Hagglunds MTT MPL type cranes with SWL 30 and 8 tons.

Another new design introduced and delivered by Hagglunds Marine & Offshore is the four-rope KC-crane, a heavy-duty grab crane specially designed for continuous operation for bulk material handling.

Other recent orders include cargo cranes for German-owned ships being delivered by the Alexandria Shipyard in Egypt and Greek-owned ships being built by the Varna Shipyard in Bulgaria.

For the offshore market, Hagglunds Kenz BV in the Netherlands has landed some major orders for the North Sea Oil Fields.

INTERCON Circle 76 on Reader Service Card Intercontinental Engineering- Manufacturing Corporation (Intercon) of Kansas City, provides engineering and heavy manufacturing services for the marine, defense, and heavy industrial markets. Intercoms reputation was established with heavy anchor handling, mooring, and towing winches, and, over the past decade, has expanded to include shipboard and land-based cranes.

Intercon has recently completed a contract for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Northern Division, Philadelphia, for two diesel/ hydraulic portal cranes designed for weapons handling at Naval Weapons Stations in Yorktown, Va., and Charleston, S.C. The cranes are rated at 40 tons at 95 feet and 25 tons at 90 feet, respectively.

Current company military projects include fabrication and machining for a Navy Arleigh Burke Class destroyer, fabrication of Trident D5 hoists, and subcontract manufacturing of C VN deck machinery.

Recent commercial deliveries include towing winches for Bisso Marine and Chevron, and line-handling equipment for Brix Maritime.

Intercon's full line of commercial and military deck machinery includes mooring systems, windlasses, capstans, towing and anchor handling winches, and heavy duty hose reel assemblies for pipe laying and underwater construction service.

Intercon military and commercial cranes are available from 25 to 200 ton capacities.

JEAMAR WINCHES Circle 103 on Reader Service Card Jeamar Winches manufactures a complete line of heavy duty winches comprised of electric winches, hand winches, air winches, capstan winches and engine-powered winches.

All of these winches conform to either ANSI or DIN specifications and are designed for continuous heavy-duty applications.

All Jeamar winches are direct drive with no external chains, belts, or bull gears—completely automatic braking is standard. The whole range of Jeamar Winches are designed for high efficiency operation at lower operating costs.

KVAERNER EUREKA Circle 98 on Reader Service Card Kvaerner Eureka A/S is a leading supplier of all types of marine equip equipment, including a number of deck machinery and cargo-handling products.

For example, Kvaerner has engineered a series of hatch cover arrangements to meet all requirements for weatherdeck and tweendeck use.

For dry bulk cargoes, Kvaerner offers the cargo scooper, a versatile self-unloading and trimming system well-suited for efficient discharge in a wide range of ships.

Discharge rates of up to 600 tons per hour from each hold simultaneously are possible, and lump sizes up to 100 mm can be handled.

Kvaerner Eureka is also a leader in the design and manufacture of ramps, doors, lifts and other types of cargo access equipment for the Roll- On/Roll-Off market.

In addition, Kvaerner also offers a wide range of gas-tight and watertight doors.

International shipowners involved in the transport offorest products, containers, and heavy rolling equipment, with vessels under construction in Europe, Japan and Korea, have installed many of these sophisticated Kvaerner Eureka systems.

LIEBHERR WERK Circle 36 on Reader Service Card Orders from around the world have been placed with Austrian manufacturer Liebherr-Werk Nen- zing for its new low-profile, slimline CBW and CB Litronic deck cranes.

Four reefer vessels under construction in Denmark for United Brands and Geest Pic., for example, will feature a total of 12 deck cranes, comprising CBW 36/20 and D2 X CBW 20/20 Litronic models, which range in capacity from SWL 36 to SWL 20.

Other recent orders include: In Norway, eight CBW Litronic deck cranes, ranging in capacity from SWL 8 to SWL 36, will be installed on four Great White Fleet reefers; in Germany, two Great White Fleet reefers will each have two SWL 18- capacity CBW Litronic deck cranes; and in Australia, a vessel for Western Tug & Barge under construction in Tropical Reef Shipyard will feature an SWL 25-capacity CBW Litronic deck crane.

A recent order for four CB Litronic cranes, designed for fast container handling, have been placed by Regional Container Lines. The four model CB 40/32 container-handling cranes with capacities of SWL 40 will be installed on two reefers under construction in Korea.

Conforming with Quality System Standard ISO 9001, Liebherr manufactures ship, offshore and mobile harbor cranes.

LISTER Circle 77 on Reader Service Card Located near Bellingham, Wash., Lister Chain & Forge, Inc., occupies five acres of industrial land and a 16,000-square-foot concrete building.

With the chain making, heat treating and testing equipment supplied by ESAB AB, a subsidiary of the Swedish company ASEA, Lister Chain & Forge, Inc., is producing all sizes of marine anchor and mooring chain, from 3/4-inch to 3 inches in diameter. Additional equipment is also on site to increase the size range through 4-3/4-inch diameter.

Lister Chain & Forge, Inc., produces stud link anchor and mooring chain in accordance with military specifications and is recognized by many classification societies including the American Bureau of Shipping, Lloyds Register of Shipping, and the American Petroleum Institute.

MACGREGOR-NAVIRE Circle 118 on Reader Service Card MacGregor-Navire is known throughout the maritime community as a principal designer/supplier of cargo access and internal interdeck transfer equipment. The company was involved in the early stages of development of LO/LO and RO/ RO cargo-handling development.

MacGregor-Navire equipment continues to play a key role in the advancement of techniques for handling loading and discharge of shipborne cargoes.

The group's main products are hatch covers, RO/RO equipment, shipboard elevators and special cranes, and marine hydraulics; associated activities/products are cargo lashing systems, thermally insulated holds and covers for reefer vessels and consultancy services for shipping, shipbuilding and ports industries.

The group's crane/elevator division recently devised a number of new products, including: (a) an "A" frame; (b) a helicopter elevator; (c) two offshore deck cranes; and (d) a novel pilot hoist crane. All four of these systems have been installed onboard a multipurpose icebreaker under construction for the Finnish Board of Navigation.

Other developments include: a side access with automatic elevation, internal transfer and stowage system, for the coastal transportation of steel coils; and an auto maintenance platform which permits safe and easy access to a ship's external surface for cleaning, painting and repair.

MACOR Marine Systems Circle 34 on Reader Service Card Two reefer vessels currently being built for the Great White Fleet Ltd. at Schichau Seebeckwerft AG in Germany will be equipped with MACOR Marine Systems International GmbH deck equipment.

The hydraulically operated multifolding hatch covers for the four holds of each 513-foot-long vessel were designed and delivered by MACOR Marine Systems International GmbH (formerly Deutsche MacGregor GmbH).

The 30- 1/2-foot-long and 25-footwide weatherdeck hatch of hold 1 on the forecastle deck is equipped with one folding pair stowing to fore-end.

The other hatches, 41 feet long by 25 feet wide, on the upper deck of holds 2, 3, and 4 are provided with two folding pairs each, one stowing to fore- and one to aft-end. For elevator use, each hatch cover is fitted with an opening which is closed by a removable plate.

The three tweendecks are equipped with double-folding pairs, one of which stows to fore-end and one to aft-end. The tweendeck covers in hold 1 have only one folding pair stowing to fore-end.

In addition, MACOR delivered weathertight, non-insulated side doors for installation on each hold at the upper tweendeck level.

MANITOWOC Circle 78 on Reader Service Card Manitowoc Engineering Co., Manitowoc, Wise., Walter Wright Mammoet (S) Pte. Ltd., and Coastal Equipment Singapore Pte. Ltd., have jointly announced an initial order for two 1,200-metric-ton-capacity Manitowoc model M-1200R RingerR cranes.

The model M-1200R is a recent innovation from Manitowoc, which combines a 600-foot Ringer attachment with an M-250, the flagship of its M-Series line.

The M-1200R provides nominal capacities of 750 and 1,200 metric tons. It also retains the M-Series philosophy of fast set-up and ease of transport, as the M-1200R attachment extensively relies upon Manitowoc's FACT™ (Fast Alignment Connection Technology) system and conforms with international road weight and dimension transport standards.

The M-1200R also includes modular counterweight and boom carriers plus Manitowoc's patented Ringer-SwingersR and various combinations of boom and mast to provide a 750-metric-ton capacity at 60-foot radius on 140-foot boom and 1,2000-metric-ton capacity at 60-foot radius on 150-foot boom.

MARINE TRAVELIFT Circle 79 on Reader Service Card A full range of hatch cover cranes from Marine Travelift, Sturgeon Bay, Wise., enable the removal and replacement of heavy hatch covers.

From 15- to 60-ton capacities, the cranes are designed for the salt water service of bulk cargo vessels and oceangoing ships.

A completely self-contained unit, the hatch cover crane features centralized controls at the operator's station. The station is located for best visibility during travel and cover placement. The controls shift into neutral automatically for safety.

The Marine Travelift Hatch Cover Crane drives on all four wheels to assure traction and prevent yaw.

Traveling on permanently mounted fixed rails, the main box girder is supported at each end by flanged wheel dollies. The unit's low height permits good visibility from the bridge, and clearance for shoreside obstructions.

Hatch covers are lifted with selfengaging hooks attached to lifting beams, which are raised or lowered by dual hydraulic cylinders. The hydraulic pump is driven by a diesel or waterproofed electric motor. Hydraulic motion control valves prevent overspeeding and provide smooth deceleration.

Unit dimensions and lifting capacities are adaptable to individual requirements.

MARKEY MACHINERY Circle 37 on Reader Service Card Seattle-based Markey Machinery Company, Inc., manufacturers of windlasses, capstans, mooring, towing and research winches, and special machinery, has delivered a number of new orders for several different types of vessels.

In the area of research equipment, a Markey Machinery scientific winch system has been installed on the icebreaker R/V Nathanial B.

Palmer, operated by Edison Chouest Offshore, Inc., for Antarctica Support Associates. The package includes all instrumentation, controls, and power units needed for the operation of three research winches, DUSH-9-11, DUSH-5- 5WF, and DUSH-5.

In addition, the NOAA's R/V Vickers, operated by the University of Southern California, was recently fitted with a DESH-5 research winch,which is controlled by local and remote stations, sized for 10,000 meters of 0.322-inch EM cable, and includes a two-speed gear train, levelwind, and removable drum.

Some of the latest workboat orders include a double drum towing winch installed onboard the M/V Barbara Bouchard, a Bouchard Transportation Company tug, and two WEWG-45 electric gypsy winches for the Crowley Maritime Corporation's M/V Point Milne and M/V Point Thompson.

Markey Machinery also delivered a CAW-60 air capstan to Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo for use as a dockside capstan at the Saudi Arabian Oil Company's facility in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

MCELROY MACHINE Circle 80 on Reader Service Card McElroy Machine & Mfg. Co., Inc., Biloxi, Miss., has manufactured winches and other powered deck machinery for many marine applications.

These include all branches of the U.S. military, as well as several foreign navies. Most recently, McElroy delivered 14 diesel-driven, double-drum hydraulic winches to the Navy for their side loadable warping tugs project. The company has outfitted 35 U.S. Army landing craft with bow anchor windlasses and stern anchor winches, as well as five U.S. Army logistics support vessels with stern anchor winches. The Mississippi firm provided machinery to most types of commercial vessels including commercial fishing vessels, offshore supply boats, tugs, utility boats, ferries, research vessels, crewboats, landing craft, cruise vessels, and fire boats.

At present, McElroy is building the deck machinery for the U.S.

Army Corps of Engineers dustpan dredge Hurley, as well as 12 capstans for U.S. Navy crane barges. Also in production are anchor windlasses, capstans, tuggers and stern rollers for the MSRC vessels currently being built on the Gulf Coast.

Established in 1915, McElroy offers a product range that covers small single drum mechanical winches weighing only 25 pounds, up to double drum diesel-driven winches weighing in excess of 50,000 pounds.

Hydraulic, diesel and electric drive packages are also available on winches and other deck machinery.

MORGAN CRANE Circle 81 on Reader Service Card Morgan Crane Company, Inc., located in Santa Ana, Calif., now offers more than 90 different marine crane models, ranging in size from 1/2-ton to 100-ton capacity.

Morgan marine cranes are built to withstand any marine environment and can be ordered in knuckleboom, fixed or telescopic design. All cranes offer rack and pinion or continuous rotation slewing.

The Santa Ana-based company offers a complete line of standard or special marine crane applications and can be found throughout the commercial and military shipping industry.

Morgan marine cranes are used aboard the U.S. Navy AGOR-23 and TAGS-45, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dredge Hurley, U.S. Coast Guard Polar Star and Polar Sea, and the Israeli Navy SA'AR 5 corvettes.

NEW ENGLAND TRAWLER EQUIPMENT Circle 126 on Reader Service Card New England Trawler Equipment Company recently delivered the fourth non-magnetic anchor windlass, Model X-1852 for the U.S.

Navy's minehunter vessels (MHC).

These special windlasses are constructed of5086 aluminum, stainless steel, bronze, and copper, and have an 8-inch main shaft of Aquamet 18.

Four more of these custom-designed non-magnetic windlasses are currently in production in the company's Chelsea, Mass., facility.

Previously, NETEC built 14 identical, non-magnetic windlasses as the exclusive supplier for the Navy's MCM series ships.

Current projects under way or recently completed include: a 10- winch package with slewing and luffing winches, as well as positioning winches for a commercial floating mining/mineral processing facility in Florida; spud winches and capstans for Corps of Engineers barges; and capstans, windlasses and anchoring winches for commercial bulk carriers; and a Multiple Opening/ Closing Net Environment Survey System winch in under 10 weeks for the NOAA vessel Oregon II.

Later this year, the company will supply anchor winches for two major oceangoing OPA-compliant double-hulled tank barges.

New England Trawler Equipment Company designs and engineers all of its machinery specifically to meet its customers' needs, and manufactures to meet major classification society standards.

NORDIC Circle 87 on Reader Service Card Nordic Machine & Mfg., Seattle, Wash., is a company geared toward customer-specified projects. In addition to its line of anchor winches and hydraulic fishing equipment, Nordic is largely involved in designing and building custom hydraulic machinery.

Past projects have included hydraulic reservoirs and power units, head line and tow winches, capstans of all sizes and line pulls, and windlasses built to fit the customer's chain.

Nordic is capable of rebuilding an existing piece of machinery—from a simple repower to a total overhaul.

PETTIBONE TIFFIN Circle 97 on Reader Service Card Genuine factory authorized re- pair parts from Pettibone Tiffin Corporation, division of Pettibone Corporation, Tiffin, Ohio, maintain the high performance of Pettibone's original Marine Cranes, Truck Kranes, MultiKranes and Rough Terrain Hydraulic Cranes.

Engineered to the exact specifications as the original equipment, Pettibone Tiffin's repair parts provide repeatable high performance and maximum service life. Major parts and most often used items such as U-joints, pins, bushings, oil filters, fuel filters, seal kits, bearings, brake pads and hoses are available for immediate shipment, facilitating preventive maintenance and reducing possible downtime.

Pettibone repair parts are available from distributors located throughout the U.S.

RAMEY Circle 86 on Reader Service Card Winchester, Oregon-based Ramey Inc., offers pedestal electric stationary cranes. Capable of being mounted on a stationary or rotating platform in as little as five feet, Ramey marine cranes can be used aboard ships, barges or at dockside.

The company offers models ranging from fixed straight boom and optional telescopic extensions to twoor three-section knucklebooms. Lift capacities are offered from 2-1/2 to 37-1/2 ton.

In addition to offering a standard product line, Ramey custom engineers and builds equipment to meet customers' needs.

Ramey marine cranes are being used for a wide variety of applications, from cargo-handling to oyster dredging to Navy research vessels.

Fitted with optional custom-built grapples and attachments, Ramey marine cranes can be used for virtually any application.

SKOOKUM/ROPEMASTER Circle 84 on Reader Service Skookum/Ropemaster, Hubbard, Ore., a manufacturer of marine fairleads and tackle blocks has recently completed an order placed by Waterman Supply Company, Wilmington, Calif., for eight four-roller fairleads.

Weighing 3,700 pounds each, the 1-inch diameter roller fairleads are designed to be used with 1-3/4-inch diameter wire rope. With a tight delivery schedule, the fairleads were built and shipped in five weeks.

For over 100 years, Skookum/Ropemaster has built blocks, fairleads and related rigging hardware for marine, construction and other industries.

Aker Omega To Extend Its Joint SCBR Project Aker Omega, Inc. has announced that it will be extending its Subsea Completed Buoyant Riser (SCBR) jointindustryproject. Phase 1, which was sponsored by seven major oil companies, was completed at the end of April. The seven companies were Amoco, Arco, BP, Marathon, SMATCO Circle 92 on Reader Service Card Southern Machine and Tool Company (Smatco), established in 1948, offers a standard line of winches with models that range in size from 10,000-pound line pull to 1 million pound line pull. Over the years, the Houma, La., company has expanded its winch product line to include windlasses, capstans, tuggers, fairleaders, and deck sheaves. Specialty winches can be designed and built to suit a customer's specification.

In addition to the winch line of equipment, Smatco also designs and manufactures pipe-handling equipment, as well as bulk pneumatic conveying systems under the trade name "Pnu-Tank." The Pnu-Tank product line was designed to handle general dry bulk products on offshore supply vessels, drilling rigs, bulk storage plants and other bulk material transfer applications.

Smatco has a skilled crew of service technicians and parts specialists ready to maintain and service Smatco and other lines of marine-related equipment.

SMITH BERGER Circle 88 on Reader Service Card Smith Berger Marine, Inc., designers and manufacturers of wire rope and chain fairleads and deck sheaves, delivered equipment under several large contracts in 1991.

Eight of Smith Berger's patented underwater bending shoe fairleads for 5-inch wire rope as well as turn down rope guides have been delivered for use on a tension leg platform.

Twelve underwater fairleads for 90-mm K4 chain were recently delivered to Italy for installation on semisubmersible floating production facility. The fairleads featured seven pocket wildcats and were fully certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping and the Registro Italiano Navale (RINA).

Soon to be delivered to Spain will be ten turret mounted underwater fairleads for 84-mm K4 chain to be installed on an FPSO vessel. Certified by Det norske Veritas, the fairleads have seven pocket wildcats, underwater bronze bearings, and have the ability to be lifted into place for installation with minimal assistance by divers.

Additionally, Smith Berger has continued to deliver their standard wire rope fairleads to the government and workboat industries.

Recent shipments for the government include 3/4-inch wire rope fairleads to the U.S. Navy for use on Mobil, Statoil and Texaco.

The extension, Phase 1A, is scheduled to be finished by July 1992 and will further optimize the Gulf of Mexico design plus design an SCBR system for deep water areas off the West Coast of Africa.

The SCBR system can reportedly tie up to 20 individual buoyant risers together at a location well below the water surface. Individual flexible riser bundles extend upward their AOE vessels, mooring fairleads and hinged sheaves to the Corps of Engineers for the dustpan dredge Hurley, and oceanographic counterbalanced flagblocks to the U.S. Coast Guard for use on the Polar Class icebreakers based in Seattle, Wash.

Smith Berger has completed another pair of tow pin/stern roller assemblies for Crowley Maritime Corporation and 12 sets of 2-inch wire rope fairleads and guide sheaves for McDermott Inc.

SUPERIOR-LIDGERWOODMUNDY Circle 90 on Reader Service Card For over 120 years, the combined companies of Superior-Lidgerwood- Mundy Corporation have produced and developed deck machinery and cargo-handling equipment for a wide variety of industries.

The first cableway manufactured in 1899 for the replenishment at sea of coal, ammunition, etc., was the Liderwood-Miller Marine Cableway.

There have been many other notable company accomplishments, such as the 6,00 steam cargo winches and other equipment supplied during World War I, through the recently completed $4.5-million contract for 144 steam winches for the T-AO- 143 Class oilers and current $12-million contract with NAVSEA for state-of-the-art UNREP winches.

Superior-Lidgerwood-Mundy reports that utilizing steam winches can reduce costs.

Current company orders include: two gypsy winches for the Navy; 21 station-keeping aids for the NSWSES; two double-drum winches for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers; four capstans for both Bath Iron Works and Ingalls Shipbuilding; a topping winch for the Supervisor of Shipbuilding, Portsmouth, Va.; and 44 FFG pumps and two FFG capstans for China Ship.

TSE INTERNATIONAL Circle 93 on Reader Service Card T.S.E. International, Shreveport, La., a subsidiary of Timberland Equipment Ltd., Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, has supplied three linear cable engines to the U.S. Navy.

The machines were used to install underwater fiberoptic cable for a sonar array system for an Antisubmarine Warfare testing facility off the coast of San Clemente Island, Calif. The equipment can automatically handle cable up to 5 inches in diameter, with in-line repeaters up to 14 inches in diameter and at speeds up to 4 knots with a combined line pull capacity of up to 18,000 pounds.

from this location to a surface vessel.

Reported major advantages of this system are: 1) made of proven components, 2) can be completely installed and removed by a standard drilling rig, 3) allows for the convenient servicing of wells, and 4) one riser at a time can be installed to bring wells into production as drilling progresses.

For further information, Circle 22 on Reader Service Card

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