McQuay Chiller's QEII Experience Proves Reliability

Nearly 20 years ago three McQuay 500-ton centrifugal chillers were installed onboard the Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) to provide the vessel's main chilled water supply. Today, according to Cunard Line, all three chiller units are fully operational.

The example set by the QEII's McQuay centrifugal chillers has lead to the line's successful sale to other maritime companies, according to A1 Ward, director of customer support for SnyderGeneral Corporation, the manufacturer of the McQuay centrifugal chiller.

Six McQuay chiller units were recently ordered by the Italian cruise line Costa for six of its passenger vessels. Mr. Ward commented that, "The Costa purchase represents a growing awareness of the benefits of positive pressure centrifugal technology in marine environments." Because McQuay chillers are engineered with positive pressure refrigerants, outside air, salt and other contaminants are prevented from entering the unit. According to Mr. Ward, this results in a significant reduction in corrosion and related maintenance,"... a major benefit for cruise ship installations." This advantage in using the positive pressure chiller helped Costa to make its decision to select the McQuay design, Mr. Ward said.

Costa has purchased the McQuay Model PEH single compressor water cooled centrifugal chiller, the flagship of the McQuay product line, for each of the six cruise ships.

Offering many advantages, the PEH medium pressure refrigerant system features five basic compressor frame sizes, ranging from 70 to 1,350 tons. Over 500,000 computer matched configurations are possible with such variations as impeller, gear ratio, condenser and evapora- tor tube surfaces.

A significant environmental safety feature of the PEH centrifugal chillers are their ability to utilize HFC-134a, a highly efficient refrigerant that is completely ozone safe.

SnyderGeneral is a privately owned Dallas-based manufacturer and marketer of a full line of air quality control products and services for commercial, industrial and institutional application. The company's line of equipment includes: heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units; air filtration and pollution control products; clean room equipment and machinery intake filtration, and acoustical systems. The company also manages 35 manufacturing facilities in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Mexico and Singapore.

The company's Minneapolisbased Commercial Products Group markets McQuay HVAC equipment, BarryBlower and JennFan commercial and industrial fans, AAF HVAC products, Wesper fan coils and air handling units. SnyderGeneral also operates McQuayService, an integrated service and parts organization serving HVAC users worldwide.

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